LTC Bullet:  Memory Lane Part Four (2010-Present)

Friday, November 9, 2012


LTC Comment:  This week’s LTC Bullet brings us to part four, the final installment of our current “Memory Lane” series.  But first, here’s the ***news.***

***  NEW COST OF CARE SURVEY PUBLISHED:  Long-term care costs continue to rise as reported in the “2012 MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Adult Day Services, and Home Care Costs.”  Download the report, read key findings and access further information here.  We track various LTC cost surveys and archive them in our Members-Only Zone website.  If you would like convenient access to these surveys and further critical information, Zone in here.  If you need your username and password or would like to become a Center member, contact Damon directly at 206-283-7036 or

 *** CLTCR PRESIDENT INTERVIEWED FOR ARTICLE BY ALLISON BELL OF LifeHealthPRO:  Here are some excerpts from her article, published November 7, on the topic of election results and what they mean for the future of long-term care financing and the federal budget deficit:

“Moses, president of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform, said the results of the election seem to reduce the likelihood that Congress will change the U.S. acute health care or long-term care (LTC) finance systems for the better.

“The voters ‘spoke loud and clear,’ Moses said. ‘You saw a vote for the continuation of the status quo.’

“Letting the country go off the fiscal cliff will probably cause a recession, but simply letting the federal government pile up huge deficits will probably cause a depression, Moses said.”

Read the full story here.

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LTC Bullet:  Memory Lane Part FOUR (2010-PRESENT)

The Center for Long-Term Care Reform celebrated its 14th anniversary on April 1, 2012, prompting our “Memory Lane” series.  This week’s addition to the series covers LTC Bullets from 2010 through present.  We’ll take a stroll and have a look at a few of the 120+ LTC Bullets the Center published during those years.  If you would like to dig deeper, all 970+ of our LTC Bullets are available in the archives, organized by date and subject.  Enjoy our trip down memory lane.

2010 LTC Bullets

LTC BULLET #858 “Columbo Interviews Don Quixote of LTC,” February 2, 2010:  “I don't know if he's part Mayan, but a lot of the scary things Stephen Moses predicts tend to come true.” 

LTC BULLET #859:  “The Enemy of LTC Truth,” February 8, 2010:  “Albert Einstein said ‘Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.’ See how this principle applies to long-term care [in this LTC Bullet].”

LTC BULLET #863 “The 10 Things You Must Know About Long-Term Care,” March 10, 2010:  “If LTC is such a huge risk and cost, how come people don't plan for it and what must you know to overcome their denial and get them protected? Ten key truths [in this LTC Bullet].”

LTC BULLET #866:  “Big MOE,” March 30, 2010:  “MOE stands for ‘Maintenance of Effort’ and here's why it's important. Medicaid crowds out 2/3 to 90% of the potential market for private long-term care insurance (Brown and Finkelstein, If Medicaid stops paying most high-cost LTC for the middle class and affluent, prosperous people who now ignore LTC risk will start buying LTCI in droves. But as the law now stands, if state Medicaid programs reduce LTC eligibility for the well-to-do, they lose the huge windfall of supplemental federal matching funds granted by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), AKA the infamous ‘stimulus.’ So, states have been tied in knots: damned if they cut eligibility (thus lose the extra federal funds) and damned if they don't (thus continue paying exorbitant LTC benefits they can't afford).”

LTC BULLET #877 “Sue Financial Planners for Bad LTCI Advice?,” June 30, 2010:  “Should financial advisors be held professionally and legally accountable for giving bad advice about long-term care planning? Yes!”

2011 LTC Bullets

LTC BULLET #901 “How to Save Pennsylvania Billions:  Two New Center Studies Released,” January 12, 2011:  “Read ‘Long-Term Care Reform:  More Access to Better Care at Lower Costs’ and ‘The Keystone of Long-Term Care:  More Access to Better Care at Lower Public Cost for Pennsylvanians’ [in this LTC Bullet].”

LTC BULLET #902 “The CLASS Act and the Future of LTC Financing,” January 18, 2011:  “Watch, listen and read why CLASS is doomed but LTC financing will improve [in this LTC Bullet].”

LTC BULLET #919:  “The LTCI Manifesto,” May 24, 2011:  “Why have LTC insurance sales and profits disappointed before and why are they about to explode on the upside now?  Find out in the ‘LTCI Manifesto.’”

LTC BULLET #922:  “The LTC Opportunity,” June 14, 2011:  “The best opportunity we've ever had to fix LTC financing and unleash the private market is right now.  Carpe diem!”

LTC BULLET #935:  “Moses Replies to Congressman's Questions (LTC Embed Report #11)” October 13, 2011:  “House Oversight and Government Reform Healthcare Subcommittee ranking member Danny Davis (D, IL) asked me some questions in writing after the 9/21 hearing on ‘Examining Abuses of Medicaid Eligibility Rules.’  His questions and my answers follow.”

2012 LTC Bullets

LTC BULLET #944:  “How to Fix Long-Term Care” February 3, 2012:  “The Center for Long-Term Care Reform’s late summer, early fall project in Washington, DC produced seven important deliverables.”  Read about them in this LTC Bullet.

LTC BULLET #968 “LTC Truth to Power,” August 3, 2012:  “Center president Steve Moses gave as good as he got from a hostile member at a congressional committee hearing last year.  What we couldn’t do then, but can do now, is bring you the actual words spoken at the hearing.  It makes for pretty dramatic reading.” Read all about it in this LTC Bullet.

LTC BULLET #969:  “Challenge Medicaid’s MOE Mandate,” August 10, 2012, “ObamaCare threatens states’ federal Medicaid matching funds, arguably illegally since the SCOTUS decision.  Why it matters [in this LTC Bullet].”

LTC BULLET #970:  “How the Government Ruined LTC (and We’ll Fix It)” August 17, 2012:  “Long-term care in the United States has serious problems of access, quality, reimbursement, discrimination, institutional bias, loss of independence, and welfare stigma.  How did we reach this sorry state?  A long series of well-intentioned, but perversely counterproductive government actions led directly to the dysfunctional long-term care system we have today.  Here’s a list of those mistakes and their consequences in rough chronological order.”

LTC BULLET #972:  “The Maine Thing About Long-Term Care,” September 7, 2012:  “What’s happening in Maine right now could untie the Gordian knot of LTC financing.”