LTC Bullet: New LTC Tour

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


LTC Comment: Phyllis Shelton's "2010 Family and Jobs Rescue Tour" (known to the LTCI industry as her "2010 LTCI Worksite & Combo Products Tour") is gearing up. Details after the ***news.***

*** SAVAGE TRUTH about rosy trust fund outlook: Nationally syndicated financial columnist and big friend of responsible LTC planning Terry Savage nails the Administration for irresponsible claims. "There's a huge gap in Medicare, and it can't be covered by a supplement. It's not just a gap in coverage, it's a huge gap in the solvency of the Medicare program itself. And now, it's a gap in trust." Read "Medicare numbers man disputes rosy outlook" here. ***

*** 1984 DÉJÀ VU: Special thanks to Greg Scandlen's "Consumer Power Report #233" for bringing us this quote from the George Orwell classic: "The new aristocracy was made up for the most part of bureaucrats, scientists, technicians, trade-union organizers, publicity experts, sociologists, teachers, journalists, and professional politicians. As compared with their opposite numbers in past ages, they were less avaricious, less tempted by luxury, hungrier for pure power, and, above all, more conscious of what they were doing and more intent on crushing opposition." Bring to mind any other dystopian leaders? ***

*** CCRC WARNING: "Increasing numbers of older Americans are seeking out the security and comfort of a continuing-care retirement community. But a new report from the federal Government Accountability Office warns that such assurances often come at a steep price and 'considerable risk." (Kelly Greene, "Continuing-Care Retirement Communities: Weighing the Risks," Wall Street Journal, August 7, 2010, gated)



LTC Comment: I spent all 2008 and part of 2009 "on the road" for the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's "Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour." (Click on the link to reminisce with pictures, a musical slide show, the final Tour map, etc.) So I was tickled to see Phyllis Shelton's plan for a 2010 tour to promote responsible LTC planning.

Her new venture really captured my interest when I saw how focused it will be on warning the public about current and new Medicaid risks. I've been an adamant but lonely voice in that arena for a long time. It's good to have company in the noble fight to save America's LTC safety net by getting more people to plan responsibly for LTC risk.

So bon voyage, Phyllis and good luck. And to the rest of you: heed her call, get involved, spread the word, make this happen!


Here's how she described her plan in a recent email:

Phyllis Shelton is Looking for 150 Producers in Seven Cities Committed to Selling LTC Insurance!!

In preparing for a speech last week with state regulators from 12 states, I integrated what is going on with health care reform and Medicaid with the critical need for LTC Partnership policies. I was appalled as I put it all together and really understood what is happening in our nation: the greatest risk to American families and jobs is the rapidly escalating growth of Medicaid. Look at these seven points and see what I mean!

1. Not only is Medicaid under incredible pressure from an aging population, but now also from younger adults from TWO sources:

* high unemployment which not only causes younger families to turn to Medicaid for health care but also causes states to lose state income tax and sales tax revenue as people out of work aren't paying tax and aren't buying as many things; and

* the new health care reform act that will put 16 million new adults with earnings below 138% of the federal poverty level on the program between 2014 and 2019!

2. The Medicaid home care benefits are being expanded by the health care reform act which will bring claimants out of the woodwork as that's where people want to have care.

3. Forty-six states are facing budget shortfalls for FY 2011, as additional Federal funds provided by the economic stimulus legislation in February 2010 to help with the shortfalls ends December 31, 2010. [Editor: House votes today to renew through mid-2011.]

4. Medicaid averages 20 percent of state budgets today and 1/3 of that is for LTC. By 2030, Medicaid is projected to average a third of state budgets and HALF of that will be LTC!!

5. The dollars sucked up by Medicaid are causing money to be pulled from other critical programs like education and public works, not to mention the jobs lost in both the public sector as states lay off employees and the private sector as states cancel vendor contracts.

6. For example, 25 states had layoffs in 2010 and 12 had salary reductions.

7. 20% of Americans are on Medicaid now and Medicaid pays 16% of health care expenses in the U.S. Where will it be by 2030?

I am launching a major media campaign about these talking points and inviting the local media to cover my 2010 Family and Jobs Rescue Tour (known to the LTCI industry as my 2010 LTCI Worksite & Combo Products Tour) in the following seven cities to cover the event. I have hired a PR Director and he is also sending this story to national media, because it is news happening TODAY - especially with the 12/31/10 deadline for the additional federal money to be pulled from the states. [Editor: Likely passage today of a Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) supplement through mid-2011 will be at a much lower rate than the earlier FMAP bonus and will leave many states in continued dire financial straits.]

  • Seattle: Sept. 15
  • Orlando: Oct. 5
  • Atlanta: Oct. 13
  • NJ/PA: Oct. 26
  • Chicago: Oct. 19
  • Dallas: Nov. 3
  • Los Angeles: Nov. 9

However, all of these efforts will fail unless the media contacts see that there really IS an army of financial service professionals ready and willing to position long-term care insurance as the strong private sector's solution to this huge problem, and that's where YOU come in.

Here is your unprecedented chance to be part of the solution in this massive outreach while building your sales skills!

LTCI worksite and combo products are the fastest growing part of the LTCI industry. If you haven't sold one or both, now is your chance to learn how - with confidence. If you have sold one or both, here is your chance to sharpen your selling skills. Either way, simply can't afford to miss this seminar!

Also, our PR director will be inviting reporters onsite at each seminar to hear from YOU about how committed you are to save families and jobs by positioning LTCI as payer of FIRST RESORT and Medicaid as payer of LAST RESORT. And for the producers who register early, there could be an opportunity to participate in some advance media coverage for that city; e.g. radio talk show or newspaper articles.

Finally, if you register by September 15th, we will give you a FREE press kit with a series of articles that you can submit to local media outlets along with a template to include your bio and experience with helping families plan for the tsunami of long-term care that our country is facing.

So - don't wait! Register NOW for three reasons:

1. RESERVE YOUR SPOT (as each city is limited to 150 seats) to show the media contacts that you are willing to serve in this LTCI ARMY.

2. have a shot to participate in early media outreach; and

3. to get the FREE PRESS KIT and the early bird discount of $199!!

But rather than make you wait until one of the tour dates to receive information, I will be communicating with you once a week for the next seven weeks with a short "Impact of LTC" article that will give you valuable information to share with prospects NOW.

* The Impact of Long-Term Care on the Family

* The Financial Impact of Long-Term Care

* The Impact of Long-Term Care on the State and the Role of the Long-Term Care Partnership

* The Impact of a Well-Designed Long-Term Care Partnership Policy

* The Impact of Long-Term Care on Employers

* The Impact of Long-Term Care Insurance on Your Profession

* The Impact of Long-Term Care on the Nation

Now click here to see the press release that we are sending to local and national media entitled The Family and Jobs Rescue Tour.


LTC Comment: Phyllis Shelton says: "Enter the Discount Code "CLTCR" on your registration form and receive an extra $15 off."

Go get 'em, Phyllis!