LTC Bullet: CLASS Class March 11

Thursday, March 4, 2010


LTC Comment: The CLASS Act (proposing federal LTC insurance) is in the President's health reform proposal. Learn from top experts the prospects for and likely consequences of this industry-transforming plan.


LTC BULLET: CLASS Class March 11

As the Administration's Rube Goldberg health reform legislation teeters between ignominious defeat and economically ruinous passage, all LTC eyes are focused on the massive bill's CLASS plan.

Here's a great way for you to learn the CLASS Act's prospects for passage and likely consequences if implemented. The following invitation comes from Claude Thau, a leading LTC insurance practitioner and analyst:


The CLASS Act has been included in every major health care reform proposal in recent months, including President Obama's proposal to the Health Care Summit. If you would like to learn more about this long-term care insurance (LTCi) industry-changing proposal, please join Claude Thau of Thau, Inc. and Allen Schmitz and Dawn Helwig of Milliman, Inc. for a WebEx presentation on Thursday, March 11th, at 2:00 PM Central time.

This presentation will cover the basics of the proposals, as well as several analyses of the program. In addition, we will discuss the ramifications of this bill for the private long-term care industry.

  • Will it create a market for supplemental coverage?
  • Will it increase private LTCi sales or result in further sales decline?
  • Who will the program appeal to and what kind of anti-selection will result?

To register, email your name and email address to You'll receive a "CLASS Act" invoice from PayPal that will allow you to use PayPal or a credit card to pay the $25 fee. After your $25 fee payment is received, Claude will send you the link for the web presentation and the long-distance phone number for the audio portion.

(PLEASE NOTE: If you mention the Center for Long-Term Care Reform or Steve Moses in your email to Claude, the presenters will donate 20% of the registration fee to the Center in appreciation for this publicity.)


The Center for Long-Term Care Reform is pleased to inform you of this upcoming presentation. For further information about the CLASS Act, check out these resources:

YouTube interview of Claude Thau re the CLASS Act by Center VP Damon Moses (Part One) (Part Two)

Al Schmitz and Steve Schoonveld, "Health Reform's CLASS Act," Broker World, February 2010 (subscription required)

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