LTC Bullet: KC Summit Outperforms

Thursday, November 19, 2009


LTC Comment: Everyone I asked said AALTCI's 8th LTCi National Producers Summit in Kansas City was one of the best. Details after the ***news.***

*** MY SPEECH. Read a transcript of my remarks at the Producers Summit. Find it here. Title: "The Impending Collapse of the Roadblocks To LTC Insurance." Order the audio version from AALTCI, along with all the other Summit presentations for $339, and if you mention the "Center Offer" in your email order to, your Center for LTC Reform will receive a $75 donation. Heck, we'll add a six month membership in the Center (or extension) for you at no extra charge for every $75 received. What a great way to learn more about LTC financing. ***

*** VA FOR LTC. Have you ever heard the objection "I don't need LTC insurance. I'm a veteran." It's so common, we have a special section in "The Zone" on "Reasons Why Veterans Should Not Depend on VA Benefits for Long-Term Care." This morning I watched and listened to an excellent webinar titled "Long-Term Care for Veterans . . . Why it Matters." Sponsored by "The Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification" and presented by CLTC trainer Nancy Dykeman, this was the best treatment of the issue I've ever seen. That's the good news. Unfortunately, it is proprietary content so I can't send you to it directly. But if you're already a "CLTC" graduate and you missed the program, be sure to view the archived version. And if you're not yet a "CLTC," getting access to this program is one more excellent reason to seek that distinguished certification. Details here. ***

*** SAVAGE ON LTC-TV. Roving reporter Damon Moses circulated at the KC conference with the Center's mini-cam. You'll see all his interviews with leading LTCI experts over time. But check out the first one today here on your Center's LTC-TV channel. Who's it with? Read today's Bullet and you'll see what a great job syndicated financial columnist Terry Savage of the Chicago Sun Times did with her luncheon keynote address at the Producers Summit. Watch Damon's interview with her and you'll see why. ***

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LTC Comment: I've attended all eight of Jesse Slome's LTCi National Producers Summits. They just keep getting better. The event completed last weekend in Kansas City (November 14-16) covered a wide range of topics with excellent speakers at a critical time for the industry and for a bargain price. Well done!

Just the facts: Total registration was 570, including 60 representatives from Partnership states. Only 20 exhibitors (each getting 2 attendees) so this was truly a gathering of sales and marketing folks . . . agents, brokers, marketing agencies, insurer marketing staff, etc. 36 workshops and an awesome keynote from friend of LTCi ... AALTCI ... and the Center -- Terry Savage.

I'll touch on a few conference highlights, but let me start with this heads up. Jesse's arm had to be twisted before he'd commit to planning and scheduling this latest Summit. Why? Because it's a huge investment of time and money. Likewise, a gigantic financial risk for a small organization. So vote for future Summits by joining the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance ( and supporting that organization's mission and projects. And when Jesse asks for your help, financial or otherwise, give whatever you can.

Now, I think most would agree the highlight of the conference was Terry Savage's keynote luncheon address on Sunday, November 15. Terry is a nationally syndicated financial columnist with the Chicago Sun Times. She's the author of several best-selling books, most recently "The New Savage Number," which contains four chapters urging readers to plan for long-term care, especially with LTC insurance. Terry's presentation received a well-deserved standing ovation. To make her appearance even more extraordinary, she did the gig for free! How else could AALTCI afford her? On top of that, she gave up a day in the Florida sun to be with us in KC's cold and rain. She emailed me later: "Oh well, I'm still here in the sun, and maybe some seniors will get LTCI because of the time I took!" We also thank Terry for the "shout out," as she closed her program by thanking Steve Moses, Claude Thau and Murray Gordon for what she's learned from us. Visit Terry Savage's website here.

Anyone who's ever attended a producers summit knows some of the best return on the investment is the networking. You get a chance to rub elbows with industry leaders and star producers. That takes place in the hallways at breaks and in the evening get-togethers. This year, Jesse did something creative with the receptions. Instead of the usual no-host cocktails at a general reception supplemented by free drinks at company-sponsored "hospitality suites," this year was different. Eight carriers (Assurity, Genworth, John Hancock, MedAmerica, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, and Prudential) ponied up free drink coupons available at their booths for all to enjoy at the very well-attended general receptions. A good time was had by all.

Another way this Summit was special included the attendance by a large contingent of State Medicaid and insurance department officials. That's because this year's attendees got two meetings for the price of one. For the past two years, Mark Meiners--Director of the Long-Term Care Educational Foundation, George Mason University professor, and father of the Long-Term Care Partnership Program--has convened a special gathering which brings together federal and state government agencies responsible for LTC Partnership programs across the country. This year the LTC Partnership Summit and the LTCi Producers Summit combined in Kansas City to maximize the opportunity for public and private sector attendees to present, query and communicate. The coordination came off seamlessly with plenty of sessions covering all aspects of the state LTC Partnership programs.

The 8th National LTCi Producers Summit was choc-o-block with content. I've only taken time and space here to share the tip of the iceberg with you. For descriptions of all the presentations and events, check out the conference program here. See something you'd like to know more about? The Summit presentations with synchronized PowerPoint slides will be available for $339. Just send an e-mail to to order. Mention the "Center Offer" and Jesse will donate $75 to the Center for Long-Term Care Reform. What a nice gesture! We'll sweeten the deal. For everyone who buys the Summit CDs resulting in a payment to the Center, we'll throw in a six-month membership in the Center or and equal extension on your current membership.

One closing kudos. The National LTC Network provided a $5 discount off all audios ordered at the Summit. If you weren't there, you missed that opportunity this year. But that's just one more reason to be sure to attend the 9th National LTCi Producers Summit, whenever and wherever that occurs.