LTC Bullet: Season's Greetings

Friday, December 19, 2008


LTC Comment: We wish you all-around Season's Greetings, including Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and whatever else applies, whoever and wherever you are.

As for us in Seattle, one storm after another is rolling through. The streets are sheets of ice. We're hunkered down. What luck that the Silver Bullet slipped into cold . . . very cold . . . storage just in time.

Last year's "Season's Greetings" Bullet announced: "Next time you hear from us, it'll be from the road, on the LTC Tour, in Florida. The 'Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care' is titled, licensed and nearly ready to roll."

What a year it was! With the help of coordinating sponsor GoldenCareUSA, dozens of "Regional Representatives," and Damon back at the home "server," we achieved the LTC Tour's main objectives and then some. Expect a narrative retrospective on the LTC Tour soon. 

But, I'm more interested in looking forward as I hope you are too. Between now and when you hear from us again on January 5, 2009, we'll be making plans for the coming year.

Here's a peek at some of the ideas we're contemplating:

"Save Medicaid LTC Campaign": Show state governments how to save money on Medicaid, improve the program for people in need, and unleash the potential of home equity conversion and LTC insurance.

"Premium Memberships": Premium memberships in the Center for Long-Term Care Reform would build on last year's Regional Representative program to mobilize a force of local experts to carry the Center's message to consumers, media and public officials in home towns and state capitals across the land.

"State-Level Studies": We've done dozens over the years to show states how to save money, improve Medicaid, and expand private LTC financing. Check out some examples at . 2009 is an optimal year to target six states with quick turnaround studies. All we have to do is raise the money to fund them.

"Federal Policy Initiative": With a new presidential administration taking over in the toughest financial times, our ideas about responsible LTC planning and rational LTC public policy are a perfect fit. Save Medicaid for the needy by encouraging the affluent to plan early and save, invest or insure for LTC.

Well, that's enough to occupy our restless minds between now and New Year's. If you have ideas or comments in the meantime, let us know at or 206-283-7036. We're always thrilled to hear from Center members and friends