LTC Bullet: Long-Term Living Magazine Covers Our 2008 LTC Tour

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Detroit, Michigan (LTC Tour Mile 21,470; State # 31)--

LTC Comment: A major provider-side trade journal gives complimentary coverage and two pages of pictures to our LTC Tour. Quotes and a link after the ***news.***

*** FOX RUN FEATURES LTC TOUR. Yesterday I presented the LTC Tour's message to residents of the magnificent Fox Run facility of Erickson Communities near Detroit, MI. Fox Run, like its sister sites in the Erickson system, is a Continuing Care Retirement Community with every imaginable amenity and service. For example, I gave my speech in the facility's professionally designed and equipped "Performing Arts Center." Covering independent, assisted, and long-term care living levels, the whole Erickson system is dedicated to maximizing resident's health and fulfillment. Admission requires a substantial deposit, but that deposit guarantees residents will never have to leave even if their savings run out. Sadly, I learned that too often adult children of potential new residents object to their parents' savings, i.e. their inheritances, being used to gain access to Fox Run's exceptional LTC solution. How many people thus advised by their "kids" end up broke and in seedy, Medicaid-financed nursing homes? Preventing that outcome and encouraging responsible LTC planning, either through savings, investment, insurance or buying into a reputable CCRC like Fox Run, is the primary objective of our LTC Tour. ***

*** NEW PICTURE of the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care at the Indiana State Capitol in Indianapolis. ***

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LTC Comment: Long-Term Living magazine (formerly Nursing Homes) covers our 2008 LTC Tour in its current issue. Check out the story and pictures in Executive Editor Maureen Hrehocik's piece titled "Takin' it to the streets: Steve Moses, a modern-day road warrior, sets out to change LTC funding—one mile at a time" here. Quotes follow below.

But Long-Term Living (LTL) has done more than cover the LTC Tour. The magazine is a Silver Sponsor of the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour. Its logo adorns the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care. Last week, LTL staff graciously shared their exhibit-hall space with me at the American Health Care Association's annual convention in Nashville. Long time friend and respected professional associate Editor-in-Chief Richard Peck has covered my work generously over the years. And new friend LTL publisher Jennifer Werba of Vendome Media Group quickly lent her good will and support to the LTC Tour's mission.

Whatever your interest in long-term care, knowing more about the challenges LTC providers face will benefit you. By all means, accept the magazine's generous offer of a free subscription by going to

Now, here are some quotes from Long-Term Living's October 2008 issue.

First, this is from Richard Peck's editorial "What Lies Ahead":

"Stephen A. Moses, president of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform and a long-time advocate for change . . . is virtually unique in his public prominence in this area. You don't have to agree totally with his views, which are private long-term care insurance-oriented, to be impressed by his commitment and drive in spreading the word to the public at large. Indeed, in his case, 'drive' is the operative word. He has dedicated himself this year to completing a one-year, 35,000-mile tour of the nation in a self-driven Airstream bus, engaging grassroots Americans at all levels of society to raise consciousness and focus attention on the need for new policy. His bus has been dubbed 'The Silver Bullet,' aptly enough, since Moses has been described in this magazine as the Lone Ranger of Long-Term Care."

Next are quotes from the featured article:

"The LTCCT [Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour] began in Florida in January. Moses, a modern-day crusader for social change, has been in the Southwest, Southeast, Central, East, Mid-Atlantic, and was scheduled to be in the Northeast and Midwest in September and October, and work his way back toward his home base in Seattle during November and December. Moses speaks to anyone who will listen. He has been interviewed by countless local television stations, newspaper reporters, magazine editors, and radio talk show hosts; done podcasts; and appeared as a speaker at state capitols and for insurance groups, financial professionals, national associations such as the American Medical Association, and the general public. He chronicles his travels with a daily "LTC Bullet . . ." e-mailed to his supporters.

"Why would anyone subject himself to life on the road for a year, spending much of his own money, enduring the rigors of road rage, traffic congestion, malfunctioning GPS equipment, campground living, and meeting after meeting explaining the same thing? One word: passion. And Steve Moses has it in spades. . . .

"'Everything is upside down,' Moses says of the LTC funding situation. 'What I'm trying to do with this tour is to put it right side up for the people—to tell policy-makers what they can do to save money on Medicaid and improve it; to show providers how to attract more private financing; to try to find a way to save Medicaid as a safety net for the poor, which is my principal motivation. The time is passed for trying to solve the long-term care funding catastrophe through public policy. People need to wake up to the reality they're being confronted with.'"

Read the rest of the story here.