LTC Bullet: We Touch Thousands of CPAs with Professional Video

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Phoenix, Arizona--

LTC Comment: If you can't use this professionally produced video to persuade more CPA's to help you protect their clients for long-term care risk and cost, then you just aren't trying! Details and a link after the ***news.***

*** HOME CARE ON MEDICAID? THINK AGAIN: Medicaid long-term care lawsuit erupts in Florida. By Matt Sedensky, Associated Press. Miami Herald. Sep 19, 2008 A group of Florida Medicaid patients is challenging the state, saying they are being illegally forced to live in nursing homes in order to receive Medicaid benefits. A federal class-action suit has been filed on behalf of 8,500 Florida residents who would rather live under the care of relatives or friends than in the nursing homes where they currently reside. In many cases, the costs of allowing patients to live in the community are lower than those of keeping them in nursing facilities, but in many states getting Medicaid-supported services at home is much more difficult and requires a longer wait. There are also concerns over how to determine which residents are truly capable of living outside of a nursing facility, and the safety issues involved. AHCA spokeswoman Susan Feeney noted, "You don't want to be there (in a nursing facility) but sometimes for health reasons beyond your control, you have to be."

Source: AHCA / NCAL Gazette - Monday, September 22, 2008 ***

*** PRESCOTT PROGRAM a big success. Northern Arizona Regional Representative Patricia Spencer, president of Autumn Solutions (, worked with Geriatric Care Manager Suzy Anderson of the Yavapai County Coalition of Care for the Aging to organize and sponsor our LTC Graduate Seminar yesterday in Prescott, Arizona. It was a hit. Half the audience were consumers, attending because of an article in the local newspaper referenced in yesterday's LTC E-Alert. The other half were professional financial advisors. Here's a sampling of the audience feedback:

"Best public policy presentation I've seen in 30 plus years. My eyes are open--and my wife and I will ACT on what we've just heard." Edward Hamilton

"Your words will get us off the dime and we'll get some type of [LTC] insurance." John Davidson

"An excellent insight into not only LTC issues but the Medicare/Medicaid dilemma." Scott Holland

"Fantastic; thank you for the opportunity." Cynthia DeGeorge ***

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LTC Comment: Read no further!

Go straight to this link and watch the 23-minute video:|10494.

Then come back here and I'll explain.


Not bad, huh? Here's the story.

When the Silver Bullet and I were in New York on the LTC Tour in July, we were hosted by Center for Long-Term Care Reform Regional Representative Marc Kaye. Kaye is affiliated with LTC Tour Silver Sponsor Long-Term Care Financial Partners ( and is president of Long-Term Care Funding of New York ( He beat the bushes looking for media and speaking opportunities for me in the New York City area.

Thanks to Marc's efforts, we received an invitation from Jeff Jacobs, Vice President & Publisher of SmartPros Ltd. to shoot a video explaining to Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) why planning for long-term care risk and cost is so important. What you see at the video link provided above is an abbreviated version of the DVD that SmartPros distributed to their thousands of subscribers, mostly CPAs, all around the country.

Here's the cover note Mr. Jacobs sent along with the link including his expressed "permission for you and/or your firm to use the link for marketing, practice development, or any non-commercial purpose. (In other words, don't charge people to view it.)" Use it with our good wishes to reach out to CPAs, other financial advisors, and their clients about the importance of planning responsibly for long-term care risk and cost.

September 22, 2008

To: Stephen Moses and Marc Kaye

On behalf of CPA Report (as well as our parent company, SmartPros Ltd.), I want to express my appreciation for your participation as a member of our "news team." We hear, over and over, from our subscribers that the strength of our program - and the perceived value of our update service - is the quality of our expert commentators, like you.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the DVD production of your "performance" on the need for long-term care planning. You will not be surprised to learn that the initial reaction to your appearance, and to your topic, has already been quite favorable. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you would like additional copies.

While it is not as fast-moving as the DVD production, you may be interested in the online version of your program. Here is a "link" that you can use (you may have to "cut-and-paste" it):|10494

Please consider this email to be our permission for you and/or your firm to use the link for marketing, practice development, or any non-commercial purpose. (In other words, don't charge people to view it.) Once again, I look forward to collaborating with you again in the future.


Jeff Jacobs
Vice President & Publisher
SmartPros Ltd.

The following information about SmartPros is from their website at

"Founded in 1981, SmartPros Ltd. is an industry leader in the field of accredited professional education and corporate training. Its products and services are primarily focused in the accredited professional areas of corporate accounting, financial management, public accounting, governmental and not-for-profit accounting, financial services training, banking, engineering, legal, and ethics and compliance."