LTC Bullet: LIMRA on the LTC Tour

Monday, August 4, 2008

Brewster, Mass. on Cape Cod (LTC Tour Mile 15,160; State #25)--

LTC Comment: LIMRA symposium on long-term care highlights the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's 2008 National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour, after the ***news.***

*** LTC TOUCHES ONE OF OUR OWN: If you missed last Tuesday's LTC Bullet of that title, please read it here now: Emails have been pouring in ever since we published that piece with thanks for the information and promises to help a courageous young couple, family of one of long-term care's leading lights for the past 25 years. ***

*** OUR YOU TUBE CHANNEL: We now have 30 "shows" at . The latest is a hoot. Check out Snoopy and the gang with the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care at MetLife LTC Insurance headquarters in Westport, Connecticut. ***

*** SILVER BULLET AT THE CONNECTICUT CAPITOL BUILDING in Hartford, CT. See the latest in our picture series of the Silver Bullet at state capitols all around the country. This time a helpful police officer assisted me to position the rig right beside Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell's personal parking place.

*** LTC PARTNERS TO HOST THE LTC TOUR on Wednesday, August 6. The federal long-term care insurance program, comprised of a partnership between MetLife and John Hancock, and led by CEO Paul Forte, has invited Steve Moses and the LTC Tour to present two 2-hour programs and provide guided tours of the Silver Bullet. This is a closed program for LTC Partners' staff only, but check out this superhero-themed program announcement anyway: We're not sure the fumbling "Hancock" of the new movie wouldn't be a better comparison, but the kind thought, creativity and warm welcome are very much appreciated. ***



Highlights: Don't miss this photo of the Silver Bullet at LIMRA and LIMRA Public Relations Director Howard Drescher's interview of Steve Moses. Drescher asks "How can we help you and the LTC Tour." Don't miss Steve's answer. Then, get involved.

LTC Comment: On Thursday, July 31, 2008, LIMRA (formerly the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association) hosted its "Long-Term Care Day" ( ).

After a morning "meet and greet" reception, LIMRA President and CEO Bob Kerzner delivered opening remarks and introduced Center for Long-Term Care Reform president Steve Moses.

Moses delivered the program's keynote address to 50+ attendees, took questions, and then joined a panel of distinguished long-term care insurance experts.

Bob Baranoff, Senior Vice President for Member Benefits for LIMRA International delivered remarks, introduced the panel, and moderated the session.

Serving on the LIMRA LTCI panel with Steve were . . .

-- David Guttchen, Director of the Connecticut Long-Term Care Partnership Program,

-- Brian Ellsworth, President and CEO of the Connecticut Association for Home Care and Hospice,

-- Anita Stepanowski, Vice President for Long-Term Care Risk Management at MetLife, and

-- John Connelly, Long Term Care specialist and national spokesman for MoneyGuard(r) Reserve at Lincoln Financial Distributors Inc. (LFD)

Interspersed with the speeches and panel presentations were three excellent films prepared by the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) to highlight the benefits policy holders have received from owning private long-term care insurance.

The LIMRA "Long-Term Care Day" ended with enthusiastic audience comments and questions followed by a luncheon buffet.

Steve Moses said: "It's remarkable how much information, exchange of ideas, and networking can be packed into a couple well-organized hours. I want to thank LIMRA for inviting me, the Silver Bullet, and the "LTC Tour" to attend and present at this excellent event."

Following is a sampling of feedback on Steve's 20-minute presentation:

"Great talk--gave me good understanding of the 'issues.' Wish you could have talked longer--I will definitely go to the website." Susan DelVecchio

"Excellent information in a great cause." Robert Charonas

"Stephen: super as always." Eileen Tell

"An interesting presentation that is a reality check for all of us." Tim Cassidy

"Thank you for your tireless work on behalf of responsible LTC planning. You are like a beacon in the night to me." Owen G. Mohan