LTC Bullet: LTC Mystery Tour in Cairo and Athens

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nashville, TN--

(LTC Tour Mile 9825, State #10)

LTC Comment: The Center for Long-Term Care Reform's National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour took a detour yesterday to the LTC Pyramid and the LTC Parthenon. Check it out, after the ***news.***

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LTC Comment: Welcome again to LTC-TV. We have several new YouTube videos for you to watch. To find them, go to

Here's a synopsis of what you'll discover there:

THE LTC PYRAMID: The LTC Tour took a side trip to Cairo, Egypt for a visit to the pyramids. Well, not exactly. The "pyramid" in the video at is actually an event venue in Memphis, Tennessee. I used it as a prop to make an important point about the "Pyramid of LTC Financing." To wit, the LTC financing pyramid is upside down. Most nursing home and home health care in the United States is funded by Medicaid, Medicare, spend-through of Social Security income by people already on Medicaid, other income, and other government programs. Only a small amount comes from asset spend down. LTC insurance accounts for a tiny fraction of the total. No wonder America's LTC system is a mess. Let's turn the pyramid right-side-up. Most LTC financing should come from private insurance. Then savings and home equity should be tapped for those who fail to insure. Close to the tip of the pyramid, government safety net programs should provide high-quality long-term care for people truly in need. Under such a system, everyone would have access to top-quality LTC at the most appropriate level.

THE LTC PARTHENON: After Cairo, we moved on to the Parthenon, on the Acropolis, in Athens, Greece. Well, not exactly. The "Parthenon" in the video at is actually a full-sized replica of the classical structure. It was built for the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition in Nashville, TN. I used it as a prop to make a wish I hope you'll all share.

THE LTC SUMMIT VIDEOS: At the 2008 LTCI Producers Summit in Atlanta, Georgia in February, we "filmed" a series of interviews with LTCI industry leaders. Technical difficulties prevented our bringing these videos to you until now, although a few were posted earlier. Check them all out at And while you're there, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you won't miss a single new video as we post them in the future.

LARRY THOMAS, Chief Marketing Officer for Equitable Life and Casualty, talks about his passion for long-term care planning and the reasons his company has supported the Center for Long-Term Care Reform for many years. "You've been a lone voice out there in the wilderness, fighting for us," says Larry Thomas about the Center.

TOM RIEKSE, SR, Managing Partner of LTCI Partners, a Silver Sponsor of the 2008 LTC Tour. Mr. Riekse talks about how he got involved in the long-term care field 19 years ago and why his company supports the Center for Long-Term Care Reform and our National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour. "We think public awareness of the problems and the inability of our government to handle those problems and the passion, Steve, that you bring to this thing is important to us and so we financially support you," says Tom Riekse, Sr.

MARK RANDALL of GoldenCareUSA, the 2008 LTC Tour's "coordinating sponsor," interviews Center president Steve Moses about the allegory of "The Elephant, the Blind Men and Long-Term Care." Steve uses this analogy to introduce his two-hour mini-version of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's "LTC Graduate Seminar." The LTC Grad Seminar has been a hit at meeting after meeting around the country on the LTC Tour.

TODD ANDERSON, Vice President for Marketing, GoldenCareUSA, the 2008 LTC Tour's "coordinating sponsor" discusses his start in LTC insurance and why his company supports the LTC Tour and the Center for Long-Term Care Reform. "We need more people like yourself out there looking at the big picture. I remember one of your articles about the bankruptcy of America with the boomers coming in. That's why we've been a sponsor of the Center for many years."

We hope you enjoy "LTC TV." We'll bring you more video interviews with industry leaders and more coverage of the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour as time goes on.