LTC Bullet:  A Major Boost for the 2008 LTC Tour 

Thursday, December 13, 2007 


LTC Comment:  The Center for LTC Reform has enlisted a coordinating sponsor to dramatically increase the scope, exposure and impact of our 2008 LTC Tour.  The Center will deliver our important message about responsible LTC planning to a much wider audience, including thousands more financial professionals.  Details after the ***news.*** 

*** "BROKER WORDS":  Editor Sharon Chace's column in the December 2007 issue of Broker World magazine is all about the Center's National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour.  Check it out at  Subscribe to Broker World at *** 

*** WSJ TO COVER LTC TOUR:  When Steve Moses and the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care are in Atlanta, Georgia for the National LTCI Producers Summit, the Wall Street Journal plans a Q&A with him about the Center's LTC Tour for its "Encore" section.  The national newspaper will also publish a "video" story about the Tour including digital-streaming coverage of our Airstream "Silver Bullet." *** 

*** LTC TOUR SUPPORT LEVELS, including cost and benefits for "Platinum," "Gold," "Silver," and "Bronze" sponsorships are now available.  Act now to get your company logo on the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care and your full-color insert included in the Presentation Folder handed out at each event.  Act fast – space and time are limited!  Call the Center at 206-283-7036 to request a "Tour sponsor's packet." *** 

*** DO NOT WAIT for someone to call you about sponsoring the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour.  Our coordinating sponsor will be reaching out to as many companies and organizations as possible in the next few weeks.  But to be sure you're at the front of the line, feel free to contact the Center for Long-Term Care Reform at or 206-283-7036 at any time to inquire about LTC Tour sponsorships. *** 

*** WHO SHOULD SPONSOR THE LTC TOUR?  Any company or organization in any business or mission that believes better LTC planning for most Americans will help preserve Medicaid as a quality LTC safety net for the needy is a prime candidate to sponsor the LTC Tour.  Examples include long-term care insurance carriers, brokers or producers; reverse mortgage lenders and specialists; financial planners, CPAs or attorneys who serve seniors; long-term care providers including nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home health agencies; and state and national trade associations representing any or all of the above. *** 



LTC Comment:  The Center for LTC Reform has engaged a coordinating sponsor that will dramatically increase the scope, exposure and impact of our 2008 LTC Tour.  This coordinated effort will allow the Center to deliver its important message to a much wider audience including thousands of additional financial professionals.  Rest assured, the Center for Long-Term Care Reform will retain full control of the Tour's schedule, itinerary and substantive/editorial content. 

Steve Moses is excited about having the opportunity now to focus his attention on what’s really important – raising awareness and encouraging needed legislative change in the long-term care arena.  

Because of the Tour’s dramatically increased number of venues and attendees, along with unprecedented local and national radio, television and print coverage, the Center recognizes there will be a greater demand for Tour sponsorship.  Because time and space are limited, please don’t wait for us to contact you.  

We’re positioning sponsors on a first come, first served basis.  Contact us today at or 206-283-7036 for more details or for a full information packet on how to secure your preferred placement for Silver Bullet decals and color inserts in event presentation folders.  

Availability and selection of event dates and locations will be also be assigned on a first come, first served basis subject to achieving a good fit with the overall Tour schedule and itinerary. 

We continue to plan the Tour's first region, the Southeast in January and February 2008, but all interested parties are encouraged to inquire as soon as possible for any and all dates and locations throughout the country for all of 2008.  Nail down your date(s) and event(s) before the availability narrows. 

Watch for more sponsor details in future bulletins! 


Clarification and Thank You! 

"Early adopters" who have already pledged their support of the LTC Tour as Regional Representatives of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform or Corporate Sponsors of the LTC Tour will receive every benefit and accommodation they have been promised at no extra charge irrespective of the new sponsorship levels published today.  Thank you for being there for us when we needed you the most! 



Neither the Center nor Center president Stephen Moses will publicly endorse any product or policy, including those of the Tour sponsors.  Likewise, the Tour sponsors do not necessarily agree with or support any or all statements or policy positions of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform or Stephen Moses as articulated during the LTC Tour or otherwise.