LTC Bullet:  The Senior Solution--Book Review 

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 


LTC Comment:  New book integrates insurance and reverse mortgages for LTC planning, after the ***news.*** 

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LTC Comment:  Valerie VanBooven is prolific in more ways than one.  Her second book, "The Senior Solution:  A Family Guide to Keeping Seniors Home for Life!," came forth around the same time this year as her triplet girls.  We offer congratulations on both births, but focus today on the book. 

"The Senior Solution" is a light read intended as an introduction for prospects and clients to the subject of long-term care planning.  The author recommends that producers give the book away to secure marketing appointments or ensure seminar attendance. 

This guide for seniors covers the usual topics--Medicaid, Medicare, LTC insurance, care settings and resources, etc.  What caught our eye is its focus on avoiding Medicaid's institutional bias through the use of "home equity conversion."  What a great way to avoid public welfare and unleash otherwise illiquid wealth in the service of buying quality long-term care.  Reverse mortgages can help people pay directly for long-term care if they're uninsurable or make LTC insurance premiums affordable if they're medically qualified. 

Here's what Valerie VanBooven herself has to say about her book and the marketing materials that can supplement it: 

"Families across the nation struggle with health care decisions for aging loved ones every day. Many seniors and families are faced with premature institutionalization when they are left to rely on the government (Medicaid) to pay for their long-term care needs. Today families are learning that there ARE other solutions! In an effort to help families learn about other options and programs available to almost all seniors, registered nurse and author Valerie VanBooven has released her latest book, 'The Senior Solution: A Family Guide to Keeping Seniors Home For Life!,' published by LTC Expert Publications, LLC. 

"'Seniors and their family members are not aware of many other programs that may be helpful in keeping seniors in their own home. Everyone wants to 'age in place,' maintaining their independence and choice. 'The Senior Solution' is designed to point families and seniors in that direction,' states Valerie. . . . 

"Valerie says, 'Although purchasing long-term care insurance is ALWAYS THE BEST PLANNING SOLUTION, it's not always possible due to health issues or financial concerns.'  [Emphasis added.] 

"'The Senior Solution' shows seniors how to afford long-term care insurance without touching a PENNY of their savings, investments or current income. If long-term care insurance is not an option, 'The Senior Solution' educates seniors about other programs like Home Equity Conversion Mortgages used to pay for private in-home care, VA Aid and Attendance Services Pension options, Personal Emergency Response Systems, and much more.  

"'The Senior Solution' is Valerie VanBooven's second book. She released her first book -- 'Aging Answers' -- in October 2003. Since then Valerie has been quoted in Time Magazine, various AP articles, and has appeared multiple times on NBC's 'The Today Show' and CNNFN's 'Your Money' with Ali Veshi. She has also been interviewed on hundreds of radio programs across the country.  

"VanBooven has also designed an entire marketing kit for use by financial planners and other senior service providers (in-home care agencies, PERS providers, medical equipment providers and other senior service professionals) that assists them in educating their clients and consumers in general. The kit has been a tremendous value for professionals across the country.  

"'The Senior Solution' is available for order now. You can find the book at, or at any of the websites below. The marketing kit is only available through Valerie VanBooven.  

"For more information, visit Valerie's websites at and Valerie can be reached by email at"