LTC Bullet:  LTC Tour Itinerary 

Thursday, November 8, 2007 


LTC Comment:  Pick your place and date to work with Steve Moses on the Center's National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour.  


LTC Comment:  January 2008, I'm hitting the road in the "Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care."  Check out a picture of the Silver Bullet at

Keep reading to find out where and how you can work with me to promote your business AND publicize responsible LTC planning when I pass through your area of the country on the LTC Tour. 

The first city on the Tour is Tampa, Florida.  From there, I head south to Ft. Myers, Naples, and Miami.  Then north to Orlando, Greensboro, NC and points in Tennessee.  

Then back down to Atlanta, GA where we're planning to park the Silver Bullet prominently near CNN Plaza during this year's National LTCi Producers' Summit. 

Below is the detailed Tour itinerary and schedule as it exists after our first week of planning.  Look for a place and date that works for you and fits into the schedule.  Then contact me or Damon at 206-283-7036, or to join the Tour.  

We're focused on planning the Southeast region now (FL, GA, AL, MS, SC, NC, TN) but we'll accept reservations anytime for the whole year and the whole country.  Lock in your reservation today while the schedule for most of the year is still wide open and flexible. 

The price of individual participation is a $500 pledge payable two months before I come to your area.  This is "earnest money."  It demonstrates your commitment and it guarantees you I'll help plan an event with you, I'll bring the Silver Bullet of LTC to your town, and I'll do at least one event with you while I'm there, hopefully more.  

Corporate and organizational sponsorships are welcome and negotiable.  Plan now for me to work with your producers, local offices, or affilitates all across the country.  Now is the time to get involved while planning is wide open and anything is possible.  Someone suggested we sell advertising space on the Silver Bullet like a NASCAR racer.  We may do just that.  Be creative.  Help us make this profitable for you and your company while we wake up the country to the importance of LTC planning through the media and professional networking. 

What will we do when I come to your town?  Could be a group talk, talk radio or other media contacts, networking with professional groups, etc.  For a long list of possibilities, see the LTC Bullet at  We'll talk two months in advance and plan an event or events that fit your marketing approach and style.  The idea is to make the Tour profitable for you, cover the Center's costs, and raise public consciousness about the importance of LTC planning. 

I've developed a "Tool Kit" for "Regional Representatives" of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform who work with me on the Tour.  The tool kit includes materials to help promote our activities.  For example:  advice on how to plan Tour events, an LTC Tour Handout, my professional bio, a draft invitation to media and other contacts, guidance on how to find estate planning councils and other groups we might address, and the "LTC Pledge for Baby-Boomers."  I'll work with you personally to choose and develop the most productive Tour activity for you and your area. 

So check out the detailed itinerary that follows.  Pick a place and date that works for you and fits into the Tour schedule.  Contact me to pledge your support and reserve your place on the Tour.  Two months before I come to your area, I'll be in touch to plan our event and activities.  Or if you want to start planning right away, go for it!  I'll help all I can.  This schedule will be constantly revised so if you don't see an optimal opening now, get in touch anyway and we'll do our best to work around your needs.  Dates remain flexible for many events and cities. 

We'll update this schedule and itinerary periodically, but there will never be a more wide-open opportunity to pick your time and place. 

LTC Tour 2008 Schedule 

Southeast:  FL, GA, AL, MS, SC, NC, TN  (7 states:  January, February) 

Date                             City         

January 2                      Tampa, FL 

January 10                    Naples, FL 

January 11                    Fort Myers, FL 

January 14                    Deerfield Beach, FL (near Miami) 

January 15                    Miami, FL 

January 18                    Maitland, FL (near Orlando) 

January 24                    Spartanburg, SC 

January 27                    Greensboro, NC 

January 28                    Greensboro, NC 

January 29                    Asheville, NC 

February 1                   Knoxville, TN 

February 5                   Nashville, TN 

February 6                   Brentwood, TN 

February 13                 Columbia, SC 

February 21                 Duluth, GA 

February 24-26        Atlanta, GA                   National LTCI Producers' Summit 

Southwest:  TX, NM, AZ, CO, UT, OK, AR, LA (8 states:  March, April) 

March 5-15                  Seattle, WA                  Home break for Steve 

March 16-19                Jacksonville, FL            Inter-Company LTCI Conference 

March 20                     Pensacola, FL 

March 21                     Baton Rouge, LA 

March 25                     Houston, TX 

March 31                     Phoenix, AZ 

April 25                        Tulsa, OK 

Central East:  VA, WV, MD, DE, PA, NJ, DC (7 states:  May, June) 

May 14                        New York, NY 

June 11                        Princeton, NJ 

Northeast:  NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME  (7 states:  July, August) 

July                              Open 

August                          Open 

Midwest:  IL, IN, OH, IA, MI, KY, MO, MN, ND, SD, KS, NE, WI  (13 states:  September, October) 

September 10               Bloomington, MN

October 21                  Kansas City, KS 

October 23                  Wichita, KS 

West:  CA, NV, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY, AK, HI  (9 states:  November, December) 

November                    Open 

December 20               Seattle, WA