LTC Bullet:  The Long-Term Care Graduate Seminar 

Thursday, August 30, 2007 


LTC Comment:  Learn about a new "graduate level" educational experience for senior financial advisors after the ***news.*** 

*** LUCKY 711.  Today's LTC Bullet is our seven hundred and eleventh since the Center for Long-Term Care Reform was founded in April 1998. *** 

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LTC Comment:  Long-term care beginners have many excellent education and certification programs to choose from.   

But where do you go once you've learned the basics and achieved some success?  How do you go to the next level?   

The Center for Long-Term Care Reform's "LTC Graduate Seminar" is for experienced professionals in all aspects of long-term care. 

Yesterday, Steve Moses hosted a 30-minute "webinar" about the "LTC Graduate Seminar."  We recommend that you skip the rest of this "LTC Bullet" (except for the testimonials at the end) and go straight to the saved, online version of that webinar for all the details at:  (Be patient:  it's about 24 megabytes with 2.5 to 3 minutes of download time.  Total running time is 36 minutes, including Q&A.) 

What follows below are just the bare essentials.  You can also find complete information  about the new online version of our LTC Graduate Seminar at



WHAT:  A high-level training program for senior financial advisors covering the history of long-term care service delivery and financing with a focus on why America's LTC system is so dysfunctional, what needs to be done in public policy to fix it, and how we can get many more people protected against the risk and cost of long-term care in the meantime. 

AUDIENCE:  This class is aimed at financial planners or consultants, attorneys, accountants and CPAs, long-term care insurance agents, geriatric care managers, long-term care providers (home care, assisted living or nursing home care), social workers, medical professionals and home equity conversion (reverse mortgage) specialists. 

TEXTBOOKS:  All free in .pdf format online including "LTC Choice:  A Simple, Cost-Free Solution to the Long-Term Care Financing Puzzle," "The Myth of Unaffordability:  How Most Americans Should, Could, and Would Buy Private Long-Term Care Insurance," "The LTC Triathlon:  Long-Term Care's Race for Survival," "The Realist's Guide to Medicaid and Long-Term Care," and many more materials to be referenced in the class. 

WHO:  Center for Long-Term Care Reform president Steve Moses will deliver all the presentations.  He will also be available to enrollees offline for additional Q&A by phone and email. 

HOW:  Eight one-hour, weekly webinars with Q&A before and after each presentation.  Every session will be available to enrollees online in case of an absence or for review.  

WHEN:  Starting early October with precise dates and times to be set based on enrollees' preferences. 

COST:  $225 which includes a one-year individual membership (or extension for current members) in the Center for Long-Term Care Reform with all the benefits accruing thereto:  "LTC E-Alerts," "LTC Bullets" and access to The Zone, including the "Almanac of Long-Term Care."  Thus, the tuition for this class is only $75 more than the annual Center membership dues of $150. 

PRE-REQUISITE:  Successful completion of the LTC Graduate Seminar is a pre-requisite for participation as a Regional Representative of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform in our 2008 National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour, on which more information will follow in the next four LTC Bullets. 

ENROLLMENT:  Contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or to express interest and hold your spot.  Enrollments are limited.  We'll contact you in late September to nail down dates and times for the program and to collect tuition. 

TESTIMONIALS:  Following is some of the feedback from the 40 full-day, face-to-face versions of the LTC Graduate Seminar that Steve has presented all around the country since 2002: 

"Thank you for the excellent job you did here in Portsmouth on August 10.  Your seminar exceeded our expectations.  This kind of in-depth training is what I think every LTC/LTCI business needs, if it is to manage effectively in a complex environment.   Several people remarked to me afterwards that it was impressive that you could hold people's attention for almost seven hours.  I told them it was because you really knew your subject and would have made a very good professor."  (Paul Forte, Chief Executive Officer, Long Term Care Partners, LLC; comment on LTC Graduate Seminar for LTC Partners in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, August 10, 2006) 

"Wonderful course-best I've ever attended re long-term care and benefits. . . . GOOD - TERRIFIC! Material and presentation in a useful and motivating manner. . . . Amazing amount of historical as well as current information presented in detail. . . . Outstanding course and perspective on the topic." (Comments from four of the attendees at the Pasadena, California, LTC Graduate Seminar, January 6, 2005) 

"With 15 years of experience exclusively working in the LTCi industry this course and material ranks as one of the true highlights. Steve's 'inside' information needs to get 'outside' to those in government, LTC, industry, media, to expose the problem and possible solutions. A 'must' for the serious professional."  (Comment from the Boston, Massachusetts LTC Graduate Seminar, November 11, 2004)  

"I recommend this course for all LTC insurance professionals." "The best 12 hours yet!!! and I've done these things for decades." "Vast amount of relevant material presented." (Comments from the Birmingham, Alabama LTC Graduate Seminar, February 18-19, 2004) 

"Stephen Moses was an excellent presenter, knowledgeable, very experienced in the field, innovative, practical, and he tried to be very helpful to attendees."  (Comment from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin LTC Graduate Seminar, June 2, 2003) 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Grad School. While I have prided myself on 'being in the know' after 34 years in the LTCi business, it was both a shock and a welcome wake-up call to view the macro implications of past and current trends. Sometimes we do get so caught up in our own silos that we forget the forces that will indeed affect our future and transcend our little fiefdoms. Thanks for an enlightening, entertaining and fruitful pedagogical experience."  (St. Louis, Missouri LTC Graduate Seminar, November 20, 2002) 

"Just a brief note to let you know that the Portland, OR seminar was without a doubt the best money I have spent in my 28 years as an agent. The material was well organized, relevant to the long-term care problem and very helpful to me as an agent."  (Portland, Oregon LTC Graduate Seminar, August 28, 2002) 

"Although I have attended many workshops on the topic of long-term care, your superb presentation offered a unique and enlightening perspective.  Stepping beyond the facts that the public, as well as professionals in the field have been fed, you addressed the hidden reasons behind the challenges we face as long-term care specialists.  With this newfound understanding, I hope to better assist clients in making truly informed decisions about their financial future, and the quality of their years ahead."  (Philadelphia LTC Graduate Seminar, May 14, 2002) 

"WOW! what a great meeting.  I really appreciate your insight.  I think many times, those of us that are focused on selling LTCI need to take a step back and see the big picture.  You helped me do that and motivated me even more to 'tell the LTC story' as we say."  (Pittsburgh LTC Graduate Seminar, May 13, 2002)