LTC Bullet:  The Almanac of Long-Term Care 

Thursday, January 18, 2007 


LTC Comment:  What if you could find in a moment any data, statistic, article, report or answer about long-term care you need?  Now you can.  We launch "The Almanac of Long-Term Care" today, after the ***news.*** 

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*** LTC PARTNERSHIPS.  CHCS (Center for Health Care Strategies) announces a new initiative to assist Medicaid agencies in developing Long-Term Care Partnership programs. The Long-Term Care Partnership Expansion project will enhance state capacity to work with private insurers to create affordable benefit options that protect both consumers and state Medicaid programs.  State applications are due February 28. Register for a prospective applicant call on February 5, 2007.  Visit the initiative page for more information, the request for proposal, and to register for the applicant call: *** 

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LTC Comment:  We all need quick access to solid information about LTC sometimes.  For example: 

*  You have a group talk tomorrow, but you're blanking on a critical number about aging demographics.  You need a reliable quote and source. . . now! 

*  A prospect asked about the probability of needing LTC and the likely duration.  You've got old data, but is there anything new? 

*  You read a great article a few weeks ago and it would be perfect to have in hand right now, but where is it? 

*  A reporter wants to interview you for a story and you'd like to brush up . . . fast! 

Sound familiar? 

After being barraged for decades with urgent questions like these from friends, colleagues, readers, Center members, public officials, legislators, reporters and so on and on and on, I decided to prepare an "Almanac of Long-Term Care."  Our new Almanac is a reference source that makes finding the LTC information you want quick and easy.  I needed it for myself and I'll use it as much as anyone will.  

Following below is the Table of Contents for the Almanac of Long-Term Care.  Online you can hyperlink between its subjects and sub-headings and then jump straight to the source documents on the worldwide web.  The Almanac is a work in progress.  I'll be adding to it almost daily as I incorporate new material and add old favorites I've collected over the years.  

If you're a member of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform, you can access our new Almanac of Long-Term Care today at  You'll need your user name and password.  If you don't have them handy, contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or

We'll give non-members "sneak peeks" periodically and invite them to join.  In fact, to celebrate this launch we'll make the Almanac of Long-Term Care immediately available to anyone and everyone, BUT ONLY until Monday morning, January 22.  Just go to and enter "almanac" as your user name AND your password. 

But, take heed dear, faithful, dues-paying members of the Center:  if you like the Almanac and you want to show it to others, please don't share your user name and password with non-members.  The more people join the Center to get this new information management tool, the less pressure we'll be under to raise membership renewal fees for current members.  All employees and principal agents of corporate members of the Center receive all benefits of membership at no personal cost.  So urge your companies and organizations to join the Center. 

If you're not a member of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform, but you decide to join, now's a great time.  You'll get immediate access to the Almanac of Long-Term Care; you'll receive our daily LTC E-Alerts and weekly LTC Bullets (if you want them); you'll have a permanent user name and password to access everything in The Zone, our members-only website.  Dues are only $150 per year for individuals; corporate and organizational memberships are negotiable.  Do it today! 

Check out the Almanac of Long-Term Care and let us know what you think.  I particularly point you to the last item in the index:  Medicaid Planning Quotes from 1981 to 1998.  Read 'em, but take your blood pressure medicine first! 


Aging Demographics 

United States
General Stats
Life Expectancy
Boomer Generation Characteristics
Windfall for the Boomers
Income of the Aged
Assets of the Aged
Elderly Below Poverty
Demography is Not Destiny
Retirement Planning


Informal Caregivers

Unfunded Liabilities--Social Security, Medicare, and Budgets 

President's Budgets for HHS
CBO on Unfunded Liabilities
GAO on Unfunded Liabilities
Unfunded Liability Estimates
Donít Count on Social Security
What Lyndon Johnson Promised vs. What Actually Happened

Long-Term Care 

Compression of Morbidity
HCBS Quality Problems


Center on Aging Caregiving Profiles

Alzheimer's Caregiving
Long Distance Caregiving
Caregiver Shortages
Value of Free Care
Productivity Losses from Caregiving

Long-Term Care Financing 

Nursing Home and Home Care Expenditure Data from CMS and Health Affairs
Will HCBS Save Money?
Who Will Pay for LTC? (includes "Not the VA")
So What if the Government Pays for Most LTC?
Don't Count on the Government
LTC Costs Misperceived
Quotes that Medicaid Requires Spendown from People Who Should Know Better
Inquiry Article 2006
Past Budget Crises as Prologue

Long-Term Care Insurance 

State Tax Incentives
How Much is Enough?
Ominous Parallels between LTCi and Flood Insurance
Index of the LTC Uninsured
Financial Planners Liability for Not Recommending LTCI
NY Compact
LTC Partnerships
Federal LTCI Program

Reverse Mortgages 

NCOA Publications
Georgetown on HECMS
Smeeding on Home Equity
Durable Reverse Mortgage
RMs vs. Home Equity Lines of Credit
Waiver of HECM Mortgage Insurance Premiums Issue

Long-Term Care Providers 

Cost of Care

HCBS:  Cost-Effective or Not?
Nursing Home Utilization
Nursing Home Expenditures
Home Care Expenditures
Roemer's Law:  "A Built Bed is a Filled Bed"


Medicaid is the 800 pound gorilla of LTC
Medicaid Eligibility
Medicaid Estate Recovery (and Liens)
Medicaid Crowd-Out
Home exemption
Spousal Refusal
Transfer of Assets
Medicaid Deficiencies
Mandatory vs. Optional
Medicaid Commission
Public Opinion Toward Medicaid
Dual Eligibles
Is Medicaid Spending Good for the Economy?

Medicaid Planning 

Criticism of Medicaid Planning
Quotes from Court Opinions
Deficit Reduction Act (DRA '05)
The DRA Bullets
Spousal Refusal
Transfer of Assets
OBRA '93 Changes
Medicaid Planning Quotes from 1981 to 1998