LTC Bullet:  Special Edition for LTCi Producers 

Monday, November 13, 2006 


LTC Comment:  We're back from a week on the road and a very good week it was for long-term care insurance agents and their clients.  More after the ***news.*** 

*** NOTRE DAME LAW SCHOOL in Indiana was on my itinerary after the conference in Austin described below.  I was on a panel with three law professors who specialize in aging and long-term care.  Later this week, expect a summary of that event and a transcript of my remarks.  In the meantime, if you get value from these LTC Bullets, please help us keep them coming to you and others (such as influence centers like the media and public officials whom we do not charge).  Center memberships, including subscriptions to the Bullets and our daily LTC E-Alerts are only $150 per year ($12.50 per month if you subscribe online with a credit card) for individuals.  Corporate memberships are negotiable.  Please contact Damon today at or 206-283-7036 to contribute, subscribe, and join our campaign for rational long-term care public policy. *** 

*** LTCI PRODUCERS SUMMIT:  To find the Power Point presentations and handouts (free) and to purchase recordings of the presentations ($20 each) for the event described below, go to  You'll find inimitable tips from top experts in the field.  Our thanks to program organizer Jesse Slome for making this material available. *** 

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LTC Comment:  The AMG's who sell long-term care insurance don't have an easy life.  It does take an Altruistic Masochistic Genius to sell a product the government's been giving away for over 40 years.  Their main competition is ethically challenged lawyers who sell free long-term care after the insurable event occurs by impoverishing affluent clients (who should have bought insurance) in order to qualify them for public welfare.  How do you compete with that?  

Yes, the life of a long-term care insurance producer is a constant challenge.  But once in awhile, the stars align for these underpaid, under-appreciated, highly professional facilitators of responsible LTC planning.  That's what happened in Austin, Texas last week.  

The "2006 LTCi Producers Summit," sponsored by the American Association of Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) and Jesse Slome's LTCi Sales Strategies magazine was a huge hit with attendees.  

The highlight of the show were the several presentations by "top producers" who talked about their sales secrets and best practices.  Awards and acclamation were given to the top 10 LTC producers in the country.  What always amazes me about the LTCi agents who produce the most sales is how consistent their advice is.  In a nutshell:  "Work hard and stick to the basics."  Nevertheless, the "tricks of the trade" they imparted held the audience spellbound. 

The "National Long-Term Care Week," promoted by AALTCI and other national long-term care associations, kicked off at the Austin conference with a proclamation by Texas Governor Rick Perry.  (Future "LTC Weeks" will be scheduled not to coincide with future "LTC Summits" so producers can attend the educational and motivational meeting but still focus on promoting the importance of long-term care planning in their local markets during "National Long-Term Care Week.") 

"Long-Term Care Insurance is Good for America" posters were everywhere at the Austin Summit.  What a simple concept!  It would not require special emphasis except for the unfair criticism levied against private LTCi and the relative free pass public financing of LTC receives from the media.  What if Medicaid and Medicare, with their gigantic unfunded liabilities and terrible problems of access, quality, reimbursement, discrimination and institutional bias, received the same scrutiny from the media as private insurance? 

Presentations and announcements about the government's "Own Your Future" LTC education campaign helped attendees imagine a better future for themselves and the LTCi market.  As one previously jaded presenter said:  "The old saying 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help you' is actually true this time." 

Several talks focused on the Long-Term Care Partnership program, recently released from OBRA '93-induced dormancy to national expansion potential.  Everyone has high hopes that the Partnerships will raise LTCi consciousness (and sales). 

Yours truly presented on the tremendous potential of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 to preserve Medicaid as a safety net for the poor by vastly expanding the financing of LTC by private insurance and home equity conversion. 

All in all, the three-day "LTCi Producers Summit" was a big success.  Feedback was better than ever before.  Attendees left with many more ideas and recharged with enthusiasm for their job to protect Americans from the risk and cost of long-term care.  Congratulations to Jesse Slome and his staff for a job well done. 

If you missed the 2006 version of this event, make it a point to sign up for the 2007 National Producers Summit.  Details when available.  Don't miss it!