LTC Bullet:  The New LTC Dialogue 

Thursday, June 29, 2006 


LTC Comment:  The Center for Long-Term Care Reform has a brand new internet forum or "bulletin board" where members can ask questions, make comments, bellyache or celebrate.  Details after the ***news.*** 

*** TODAY'S LTC BULLET is sponsored by LTCi Decision Systems, creators of the "LTC Economic Impact Planning Model" (TM) and the "LTCia POM (Pool of Money) Calculator" (TM).  The Model is a comprehensive tool designed to demonstrate care event financial risk and the future value of alternative LTCi benefit choices.  The POM Calculator is a simplified approach focused on the future value of LTC insurance versus self funding care through personal investments.  For more information, contact Ralph Leisle at, call toll-free at 1-800-360-9853) or visit LTCi Decision Systems online at *** 



LTC Comment:  Some of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's most popular LTC Bullets and LTC E-Alerts are the ones that raise an issue or ask a question and invite replies.  

Even when we don't ask members to respond, emails pour in most days with queries or comments.  We do our best to research the answers and to reply, especially for dues-paying members of the Center.  

Often, it seems like others might have the same questions and appreciate receiving the answers.  In such cases, we sometimes turn the question and answer into a Bullet or an E-Alert

But until now, we have not had a systematic way to post, respond to and publicize inquiries and answers.  Nor have we had a way for Center members to exchange ideas between each other. 

Now we do!  Introducing the brand new Center for Long-Term Care Reform LTC Forum for Center-members only. 

[Not a Center member yet, no problem.  You can register and pay dues online at  Or make it easy on yourself, call or email Damon at 206-283-7036 or  You'll be in The Zone, on the LTC Forum, and in the know within minutes.] 

Once you've registered for the CLTCR LTC Forum (registration instructions follow below), here's what you'll find:  eight separate topic categories within which you can post a question or comment and reply to others' queries.  The LTC Forum is brand new so don't expect much content yet.  Help us build it into a valuable resource for all LTC professionals. 

Here are the topic areas and the posts so far:  

DEMOGRAPHICS AND OTHER DATA:  The impact of the Baby Boom and discussion of the coming "age wave."  Discussion of resources and data on LTC cost, spending and utilization.   

[Posts so far:  a query from a member regarding the historical inflation in nursing home costs followed by our reply including links to nursing home cost data from 1980 to 2004.] 

MEDICAID PLANNING:  The impact on public programs and benefit recipients, the latest court and administration rulings and the effect on the marketability of private long-term care solutions. 

[Posts so far:  a query from a member about a new Medicaid planning technique being marketed by an insurance company that takes advantage of Medicaid's unlimited exemption for term life insurance followed by our reply explaining why the technique works, referring to SSI (Supplemental Security Income) rules governing the practice, and suggesting that this is one more "loophole" that needs to be closed.]  

REALITY CHECK:  THE FACTS ON LTCI:  Addressing inaccuracies and faulty data that abound in media coverage of long-term care insurance.  Includes anecdotes from the popular press that highlight the benefits of planning ahead and taking personal responsibility for long-term care. 

[Posts so far:  Our invitation to you to explore the LTC Bullets on this topic in the Center for LTC Reform's subject archives.]  

THE LTC PROBLEM AND SOLUTIONS:  Topics that address or support the arguments fully developed in the Center's white papers:  "LTC Choice: A Simple, Cost-Free Solution to the Long-Term Care Financing Puzzle" and "Myth of Unaffordability:  How Most Americans Should, Could, and Would Buy Private Long-Term Care Insurance."  Also, analysis of proposals for solving the LTC financing crisis offered by academics, think tanks and others. 

[Posts so far:  A copy of the New York Long-Term Care Compact bill that passed the Senate in New York last week followed by a detailed critique of the Compact proposal by Center member Arthur Rudnick.]  

LTC SERVICES:  Highlights the link between private financing and quality services. 

[Posts so far:  Our invitation to you to explore the LTC Bullets on this topic in the Center for LTC Reform's subject archives.] 

POLITICS AND LEGISLATION:  Commentary on the news from Congress, the Administration, HCFA, and the states. 

[Posts so far:  Our invitation to you to explore the LTC Bullets on this topic in the Center for LTC Reform's subject archives.] 

CLTCR NEWS:  What's happening at the Center, press coverage and releases. 

[Posts so far:  Our invitation to you to explore the LTC Bullets on this topic in the Center for LTC Reform's subject archives.]  

MISCELLANEOUS:  Everything else. 

If you've never participated in an online "bulletin board" before, it may take a little practice to get the hang of it.  If you're an old hand at such things, you should find this one very easy.  The more proficient you become, the more valuable the resource will be.  You can even tell the CLTCR LTC Forum to send you an email message whenever someone responds to your post. 

If you have any problem at all, Damon is available to help at 206-283-7036 or

Steve Moses says:  "I'll be on the Center's LTC Forum every day.  I'll contribute when I have something to say.  And I look forward to learning from the posts of others.  Center members are among the smartest, most experienced and successful people in the field of long-term care.  I hope this new Forum will become a valuable resource for us all to learn from each other." 

Here’s how to enter: 

1.  Register with Damon by email or by phone 206-283-7036. He will give you your user name and password so you can log on.
2.  Click .
3.  When prompted, type in your user name and password.  This will lead you to the “Forum Index.” 

You may respond to topics and create your own within all eight forum categories.  If you would like to suggest a new forum category, contact Damon directly or 206-283-7036.  Please also feel free to contact him if you need further help or have any questions.  Enjoy! 

Oh, and fair warning:  in the future, when you respond directly to an LTC Bullet or LTC E-Alert, your email goes to our central email address,  Expect that your question or comment sent to that address and our reply may be posted to the LTC Forum without further notice.  If you wish to communicate directly and confidentially, email Steve Moses directly at or Damon at