LTC Bullet: Medicaid and the Future of Long-Term Care Financing

Tuesday, September 30, 2003


LTC Comment: "e Business Briefings," a leading provider of independent market intelligence and analysis, has published "Medicaid and the Future of Long-Term Care Financing," by Center President Stephen Moses. Find an excerpt and a link after the ***news.***

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The LTC Data Update #3-022: Who's to Blame for Skyrocketing Nursing Home Lawsuits? (Are the culprits greedy corporations unwilling to pay for quality care or a failed system of inadequate public financing? You decide.)

LTC E-Alert #3-052--Good News for the Center and for LTC Financing (The Center for Long-Term Care Financing has contracted with the Nebraska Legislature to conduct a study on "Controlling Medicaid Long-Term Care Costs." Get the details.)

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LTC Comment: Here's a link to an article by Steve Moses titled "Medicaid and the Future of Long-Term Care Financing" as published by "e Business Briefings:" .

Note that the publisher is based in London so the article has been "translated" into British English, e.g. ageing, not aging; programmes, not programs. According to its website at , "The highly acclaimed Business Briefings series consist of a rich and diverse portfolio of international business-to-business publications. The Business Briefings bring together the views and expertise of eminent industry and market leaders, providing in-depth coverage and appraisal of each market. Each Business Briefing is tailored to reach a specific sector and is researched, written and designed to provide strategic analysis on the latest management and technological thinking to stimulate ideas, business planning and to support investment decisions. Our success is measured by the praise and endorsements received from our international clients, partners, contributors and readers."

Following is the opening paragraph from Steve's article:

"Governments throughout the world are unprepared for the challenge of funding long-term care for the ageing baby boom generation. In the US, public policy has exacerbated the problem by paying for most long-term care through government programmes. That policy anaesthetised the public to the risk of long-term care, created a nursing home bias, inhibited the development of a home and community-based services infrastructure and impeded the marketability of private long-term care insurance. This article explains the problem and points towards a solution."

Read the rest at