LTC Bullet: Shelton's 2003 LTC Planning Guide is Good and Current

Thursday, June 12, 2003


LTC Comment: Phyllis Shelton's latest edition is choc-o-bloc with new material and the latest LTC data and stats. More after the ***news.***

*** Today's has an article titled "Preparing for the Worst: Long-Term Care Insurance is Not Just for the Elderly" by Sue Stevens. You can read it at,,91822,OO.html . ***

*** John Paul Marosy has published "Elder Care: A Six Step Guide to Balancing Work and Family," Bringing Elder Care Home Publishing, Worchester, Massachusetts, 2002, (ISBN: 0-9716462-0-1), $14.95. According to its introduction: "The purpose of this guide is to provide insight and guidance for the employee who is--or soon will be--arranging care for an older parent or loved one who is sick or disabled." You'll find good advice and practical tips the author learned from 15 years as a professional elder care administrator, but more poignantly, from caring for his own father through a two-year fight with prostate cancer. Marosy is also the author of "A Manager's Guide to Elder Care and Work." Both publications are available at ." ***

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We have reviewed Phyllis Shelton's excellent treatise on long-term care planning twice before in this space--the first time when it was still a booklet and not yet a mass-market book. As those reviews are only a keystroke away and they convey our positive general opinion (and some minor criticism) of this volume, please have a look at them:

"LTC Bullet: Year 2000 Shelton LTC Guide Available," September 21, 2000,

"LTC Bullet: Shelton Does it Again," July 10, 2001,

We'll focus here on new material and some biographical information on the author, who is a friend, colleague and supporter of the Center for Long-Term Care Financing.

Here's the bibliograpaphic reference and where to find the book: Phyllis Shelton, Long-Term Care: Your Financial Planning Guide, Kensington Books, New York City, 2003 (ISBN# 0-7582-0553-8). You can order from the author's website at , from Barnes and Noble online at , or find the book in major bookstores.

The main reason we recommend each new edition of this industry classic is that Phyllis Shelton goes to great pains to update it fully every year. You can count, for example, on finding the latest numbers on government programs and current information on every subject covered in the book. We know how persistent Phyllis is about this because she is never bashful about asking us and a long list of additional sources (acknowledged on pages 298 to 301 of the book) for up-to-the minute information.

Here's how Shelton's company LTC Consultants described the book in a May 28, 2003 press release:

"Failing to consider long-term care needs is the #1 mistake investors are making with their retirement savings. Half of us will need some type of long-term care in our lifetime, and for those of us lucky enough to have long-term care insurance, it probably won't be in a nursing home because we will be able to afford alternatives. That's the premise of Long-Term Care: Your Financial Planning Guide (Kensington Books, $16.00).

"'This does not have to be complicated,' says author, Phyllis Shelton. 'Every American deserves to hear this message in an easy-to-understand format in order to make an informed decision about long-term care insurance in order to protect the lifestyle of the family.'

"The driving force to purchase this popular insurance policy appears to be the ability of long-term care insurance to allow the caregiver to have a life . . . and keep a career, if desired. LTC insurance is especially becoming career insurance for women as many women are forced out of the workforce due to a caregiving situation for a spouse, parent or adult child with which they have little or no help.

"In the book Shelton shows:

* how many younger people need long-term care

* how to keep your premium from ever going up

* how to get premium refund if you never need LTC

* how to make the five easy decisions that determine your coverage and your premium, and

* how to determine if you need long-term care insurance at all.

"Additional features include tax incentives for individuals and businesses for LTCI premium, how the Medicaid benefit for long-term care works, the latest scoop on how reverse mortgages can fund LTCI, how critical illness policies compare to LTC insurance policies, and benefits of the Federal LTC Insurance Program."

Who is Phyllis Shelton? (excerpted from )

"Phyllis Shelton is the President of LTC Consultants, a Nashville-based company that she founded in 1991 that specializes in long-term care insurance training and marketing materials. She is widely considered to be the leading long-term care insurance trainer in the country. Phyllis' organization has trained nearly 40,000 agents and conducted 2020 employee education meetings in 2002 for the Federal LTC Insurance Program. She is also doing the employee education for LTC-TN Plan, the State of Tennessee group LTCI program.

"In addition to marketing a long-term care insurance selling system, LTC Consultants provides product consulting and sales training to insurance companies, to independent and captive insurance agents and brokers, to banks and to long-term care providers. Her company has launched many of the industry's largest insurance carriers into the LTCI market through her agent training programs.

"Phyllis has spoken to literally every major industry group including, most recently, MDRT, LIMRA and the Society of Financial Service Professionals. She is a frequent contributor to industry publications such as Financial Services Advisor, Life Insurance Selling, California Broker, Financial Planning, and National Underwriter . . ..

"She is a consumer reference for such publications as Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine and her interviews include USA Today, Business Week, Money, Smart Money, and Bloomberg Wealth Manager. On October 22, 2001, she was the subject of an extensive interview in the Wall Street Journal, and she appeared in the PBS documentary, And Thou Shalt Honor, on October 9, 2002.

"Ms. Shelton speaks nationally on the tremendous financial impact of long-term care and the incredible marketing opportunity for agents who make the commitment to get in on the cutting edge of the fastest growing insurance product in the nation. . . .

"Phyllis' passion for the long-term care industry is unparalleled. Her motivational message has been delivered to over 2,000,000 Americans. . . ."