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Tuesday, June 18, 2002


*** On May 7, 2002, we published an LTC Bullet titled "Nursing Home Care Virtually Free For Life."  You can read it at  That Bullet summarized and gave a partial transcript of a free, hour-long, marketing video produced by an aggressive Medicaid planner.  On this video, the Medicaid marketer promises long-term care "at minimal or no cost for anyone needing care."  He opines that LTC insurance "is not worth the paper it is written on."  Here's the contact information in case you would like to order a copy of this mass-marketed video and see for yourself:  the publisher is Zoran Basich, Founder of a company called Nursing Home Services.  For more information and to order a free copy of the videotape, go to ***

*** One of the most common inquiries we receive at the Center for Long-Term Care Financing is "What's the latest cost of nursing home care, assisted living and home care around the country?"  As you know, we publish summaries of such data, including links to the source documents frequently, especially in The Data Base feature of our Donor-Only Zone.  But here's a useful tip for everybody:  Visit the MetLife Mature Market Institute at,1674,P2745,00.html for their latest studies including the MetLife Market Survey on Nursing Home and Home Care Costs 2002 ( HC Survey 2002.pdf) and the MetLife Market Survey of Assisted Living Costs 2002 ( *** 


We've just posted a wealth of new information in the Center for Long-Term Care Financing's Donor-Only Zone.  Here's a list of the new content you can find there right now followed by information on how to qualify for The Zone:

LTC E-Alert #132--How Medicaid Can Put Patients First

LTC E-Alert #133--West Virginia Bashes Medicaid Estate Recovery

LTC E-Alert #134--Few Americans Forget Alzheimer's Research

LTC E-Alert #135--Estrogen for Hearing, Testosterone for the Brain

LTC E-Alert #136--Congress Treats Symptoms, Not Cause of Medicaid LTC Problem

LTC E-Alert #137--Improving Care of Older Adults

LTC E-Alert #138--Are Longevity and Morbidity Predictable?

LTC E-Alert #139--Nursing Home Sex Banned

LTC E-Alert #140--Once a Week is Enough for Senior Exercise

LTC E-Alert #141--What Causes Senior Suicides?

LTC E-Alert #142--Medicare Spends 6.3% of Budget Erroneously

LTC E-Alert #143--Will There Be Enough Seniors Housing?

LTC E-Alert #144--Fight Stroke, Suck a Lemon

LTC E-Alert #145--Governors Beg for Medicaid Relief

LTC E-Alert #146--LTCI Certification and Designation Programs Evaluated

LTC E-Alert #147--Who Will Give Care if We Have Too Few Nurses?

LTC E-Alert #148--New Hope for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Osteoporosis

LTC E-Alert #149--Medicaid Planners Aren't the Only Attorneys Making a Killing on Long Term Care

LTC E-Alert #150--Assisted Living Fees Reported by Locality

LTC E-Alert #151--Medicaid is Becoming Un-Friendly to Annuities

LTC E-Alert #152--We May be Living Longer, But We're Dying Slower

LTC E-Alert #153--Nursing Home Length of Stay Data

LTC E-Alert #154--State News, Medicaid Struggles --  WV, TX, AR, CA

LTC E-Alert #155--More State News, Medicaid Struggles --  NV, PA, FL, IN

LTC E-Alert #156--More State News, Medicaid Struggles --  CO, MT, OK

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