LTC Bullet: Free Health Care News

March 12, 2002


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We often let you know when the Center for Long-Term Care Financing gets some good publicity that advances our common mission.  We also publicize the availability of interesting new sources of information.  Today's epistle kills both those birds with one "Bullet."

Health Care News, subtitled "The Monthly Newspaper for Health Care Reform," is a free-of-charge publication of The Heartland Institute.  Heartland is a free-market think tank and advocacy group.  Whether you lean ideologically toward market solutions or not, you'll find this periodical well-written, incisive, and challenging.  If you like free markets, read it for the ammunition.  If your proclivity is toward government financing and regulation, you couldn't find a better place to monitor your opponents and hone your counter-arguments.

A recent issue of HCN (October 2001) contained an article about HIAA's campaign to pass above-the-line LTCI tax deductibility.  The piece quoted Center for Long-Term Care Financing President Stephen Moses and Walter Cadette.  Cadette is a senior scholar at the Jerome Levy Economics Institute who has published on long-term care financing and with whom the Center has collaborated.  For example:

"Stephen A. Moses, president of the Center for Long-Term Care Financing, told Health Care News in an email interview, 'Without strong tax incentives to encourage baby boomers to plan early and insure fully for long-term care, many of this 77-million mega-generation will fall into Medicaid by default as their parents and grandparents did, thus administering the final coup d' grace to America's welfare-financed, institution-based long-term care system.'" (p. 4)

The article cites Cadette as follows: "The nation is not equipped to deal with this problem.  By default more than by design, it has fashioned a welfare model for financing long-term care, pushing Medicaid far afield of its original purpose of providing for the medical care of the indigent." (p. 4)

"Moses, at the Center for LTC Financing, agrees. 'The only way to save Medicaid for the poor is to divert middle-class boomers to LTC insurance now, while they are still young enough, healthy enough, and affluent enough to afford the premiums.  Congress and President Bush are penny-wise, pound foolish if they miss this last, viable opportunity to act.'" (p. 4)

The same issue of Health Care News contains articles by editor Conrad F. Meier, Merrill Matthews, Jr., Grace-Marie Turner and Greg Scandlen, all of whom are well known for their thoughtful analysis, skilled writing, and passionate dedication to improving health care service delivery and financing in the United States.  Some of the other article titles in the same issue include: "Americans Want Health Care Choice," "Individual Insurance: Solution for the New Economy?," and "500,000 Seniors to Lose Medicare+Choice Insurance."

For a free subscription to Health Care News, click here ( to access the online subscription form or download the form as a .pdf file, fill it out, and fax or mail it in.

*** New items added to The Data Base today include "Critical Shortage of Geriatricians," "Data on International Aging, Over 55 Income, and Alzheimer's Disease," and "Why to Seek Younger Prospects."

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