LTC Bullet:  Long-Term Care Graduate Seminar:  March 4 in Chicago

February 15, 2002


*** Hot Tip:  Don't miss Mike Causey's hyperbolic column in the February 12 "Washington Times": ***

Here's a taste:  "Will the soon-to-be-launched federal family long term care insurance plan generate a nationwide demand for LTC policies that now cover only a tiny fraction of the population?  Short answer:  You better believe it.  . . . Given the PR campaign the government plans, you better buy a policy, sell policies professionally or get out of the way of those who will be. . . .  In fact, that steady drip, drip, drip sound you hear is coming from the boardrooms of major insurance companies, where top executives are salivating at the thought of an LTC insurance policy in (nearly) every pot."

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In Chicago on March 4, the Center for Long-Term Care Financing is offering a new, one-day "graduate" level long-term care education program at a location to be announced. 

The cost per enrollee of $195 includes a boxed set of the Center's four major reports (a $150 value) and a three-month trial subscription to the Center's popular donor-only website zone (a $25 value). 

Enrollment is limited to 12 participants, first come, first served.  Please email Amy Marohn immediately at to secure a reservation and arrange payment. 

Center President Steve Moses explained: "Long-term care beginners have many excellent education and certification programs to choose from.  But where do you go once you've learned the basics and achieved some success?  How do you go to the next level?  The Center for Long-Term Care Financing's 'graduate seminar' is for experienced professionals in all aspects of long-term care."

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Long-Term Care Intensive for Senior Advisers

This course tackles critical questions that anyone who serves or advises seniors should understand in depth.  For example: 

* How did America's LTC service delivery and financing system come to be so dysfunctional, e.g. nursing home and home-health bankruptcies, unprofitable ALFs, collapsed LTC stocks, institutional bias, quality problems, staff shortages, low government reimbursements, skyrocketing liability insurance premiums, slow LTC insurance sales, etc.? 

* Can the current non-system survive and how will it change? 

* Will services be available when seniors need them in the future? 

* Who will pay? 

* What will happen to the government's LTC financing programs? 

* What is the real reason so few people save, invest and insure for LTC expenses?

* What are the prospects for "above-the-line tax deductibility" for LTC insurance premiums in the coming year?

* How can advisers help more seniors protect themselves from the LTC risk? 

* How can we build a "phalanx of professionals" around seniors to help them protect themselves from the legal and financial risks of aging?

* What changes in public policy (state and federal) would have to be made to move LTC in America from a wobbly welfare base to a solid foundation in private insurance?

TARGET AUDIENCE:  financial planners or consultants, attorneys, accountants and CPAs, long-term care insurance agents, geriatric care managers, long-term care providers (home care, assisted living or nursing home care), social workers, medical professionals and home equity conversion specialists.

STYLE OF INSTRUCTION:  This course will be conducted as a graduate seminar.  Seminar leader Stephen Moses will present four 45-minute modules of instruction followed by guided discussion.  Every attendee will have ample opportunity to ask questions and share ideas.  Participants are urged to challenge the instructor and each other with questions and comments.

FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES:  The Center may conduct similar programs near major airports around the U.S. in the coming year.  If you would like to attend or sponsor a program, please contact Amy Marohn at 425-467-6840 or 

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