LTC Bullet:  SNALF Interview Reviews Past, Plots Course for Future

Monday  February 4, 2002


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Center for LTC Financing President Stephen Moses is this week’s “Expert Opinion” interview on, the web’s first portal created exclusively for long-term care professionals. 

In the feature-length interview, Moses reviews the history of long-term care financing and recommends how best to overcome our current challenges before its too late.  Specific topics covered include:  the origins of our institutional bias, increasing threats to the provider industry, the public’s response to perverse incentives in public policy, consensus and the need for cooperation among private long-term care financing stakeholders, overcoming our nation’s entitlement mentality, and the likely impact of tax deductions for LTC insurance.

The interview is an excellent primer for subscribers new to the issues and a good update for those of you already familiar with the Center’s analysis and public policy recommendations.  Go to to view the interview.  We welcome your feedback.