LTC Bullet: How Can We Serve You Better?

Monday  January 21, 2002


The Center for LTC Financing's "donor-only zone" (The Zone) on our website is the place to go for the Center's "LTC Week in Review"--an excellent companion publication to LTC Bullets for subscribers who want to broaden their awareness and knowledge of LTC service delivery and financing issues. (For individuals, access to The Zone requires a $100 or more donation within the most recent 12 month period. The minimum contribution for an organization depends on the number of employees. More details on how to access the donor-only zone are available at

Now, we'd like to request your input to help us improve and expand The Zone to make it more useful to you than ever. We want you to help craft the donor-only zone so it gives you exactly the information that you need at your fingertips to do your job more effectively.

If you're not in The Zone yet, what kind of information would make you more likely to send in a qualifying donation? For our current donors with access to the donor-only zone, let us know what new content would likely prompt an additional donation in support of the Center's efforts.

Please respond with any and all ideas. Keep in mind, however, the Center's principal focus is public policy education and advocacy. We'll review all suggestions and follow up on those which are most consistent with our mission and achievable given our limited resources.

Just fill in the blank: "I'd/We'd be willing to make a qualifying donation if I/we could just get (        ) easily at one location on the internet."

Here are a few survey questions to spark your thinking:

*Would you value LTC cost data? For example, the average cost of nursing home care, assisted living or home care in each state.

*Would you value data on demographic trends particularly relevant to the demand for long-term care services?

*Would you value a basic overview of Medicare and Medicaid eligibility for long-term care services along with a resource directory for state-specific information?

*Would you value guest editorials from prominent players in the LTC service delivery and financing arena?

*Would you value discounts on LTC planning tools (books, software, training courses, etc.) offered by vendor friends of the Center to our donors?

These are just a few possibilities. We want to become a more valuable resource to you and we need your feedback to make it happen. Thanks in advance for your participation.