LTC Bullet: Expanding CLTCF’s Reach

Friday January 11, 2001


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Dear Bullet Subscribers,

In our fight for a rational and financially viable LTC financing system, one of the Center for LTC Financing’s main objectives is to reach the hearts and minds of as many key public and private sector decision-makers and media people as possible. As you know, education of this magnitude calls for resourcefulness. This is why we are calling on you to provide us with subscriber referrals for LTC Bullets. Many of you know people who would like to be introduced to the Center, would like to receive LTC Bullets and, most importantly, would be interested in helping us achieve our mission to ensure quality long-term care for all Americans. The more individuals who subscribe to LTC Bullets, the greater our sphere of influence. The greater our sphere of influence, the more likely we are to have an impact on key decision-makers!

Please take a moment to complete our referral form, by clicking here: Instructions for forwarding this referral form are included on the form itself.

Thank you, in advance, for your commitment to helping the Center. There is definite power in numbers.


Center staff