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Wednesday  February 14, 2001


The Center for Long-Term Care Financing recently published our latest report titled "The LTC Triathlon:  Long-Term Care's Race for Survival."  We interviewed 119 of the leading financiers, providers and insurers of long-term care regarding the current malaise in long-term care service delivery and financing.  The report, full of colorful quotes and penetrating analysis, is available to read or copy for free in .pdf format on the Center's website at  If you'd rather, order a hard copy for $49.95 by contacting Sarah Allen at 425-467-6840,, or by mailing your request to Center for Long-Term Care Financing,
11418 NE 19th Street Bellevue, WA 98004.  Sarah will send you a copy of the report and an invoice to return with your payment.

Our Triathlon project's short-term goal is to encourage communication and cooperation between the three main private-sector stakeholders in long-term care (financiers, providers and insurers) toward the objective of mobilizing more effective, mutually beneficial public policy advocacy.  The long-term goal, of course, is to empower more Americans to pay privately for long-term care so that others who are less fortunate can rely on a less overwhelmed and financially stronger public financing system.  The next step in the LTC Triathlon project is to plan an "LTC Summit Conference" to bring LTC financiers, providers and insurers face-to-face in a learning and problem-solving context.  Thus, publicity of the Center's Triathlon initiatives is critical.  We hope you'll help pass the word.  In the meantime, as media coverage of the Center's Triathlon project develops, we'll keep you apprised of our progress.

The following item appeared in Editor Richard L. Peck's editorial in the January 2001 issue of Nursing Homes magazine:

"Stephen Moses, president of the Center for Long-Term Care Financing . . . issues a statement describing today's long-term care system as a 'tragic mess,' with 'wide-spread bankruptcies, collapsed stocks, scant capital, scarce staffing, high costs, low government reimbursement, little private insurance, declining quality, expanding litigation, skyrocketing liability premiums, persistent institutional bias and a growing generation of overwhelmed family caregivers.'  I couldn't have put it better myself."

In that quote, we were only repeating what 119 industry experts told us in the Triathlon interviews.  The fact, however, that Editor Peck—a trusted voice in the long-term care trade media—says he couldn't have said it better himself, suggests the LTC Triathlon report struck a deep, pure vein of concern.  We hope the LTC Triathlon report will help long-term care financiers, providers and insurers to understand each other's daunting challenges, reduce the causes of distrust and mistrust between them, and foster a climate of cooperative effort toward the common goal of ensuring quality long-term care for all Americans.
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