LTC Bullet:  Private LTCI Conference Offers Scholarships


Thursday  March 22, 2001



The Center for LTC Financing's "LTC Triathlon" report called upon long-term care financiers, providers, and insurers to learn more about each other's businesses and to forge stronger alliances for public policy advocacy. (You can read and/or download the report in online at the Center's website at

One good way to effectuate such learning is to attend conferences that have strong content relevant to all three businesses.  Here's one you should consider and may be able to attend as a scholarship recipient:  The 15th annual Private Long-Term Care Insurance Conference sponsored by the Long-Term Care Education Foundation.  The event will be held August 19-22, 2001 in Miami Fl.

According to the Foundation:

"The conference provides a non-partisan forum for educating attendees about the evolving long term care insurance market, discussing the impact of state and federal legislative policies on the marketplace, and fostering the development of public-private partnerships to finance the nation's long term care bill. . . .  No other national meeting provides an opportunity for the public and private sectors to come together to discuss ways the private market and government can work together to meet consumer need and reduce public Medicaid expenditures.  Attendance has grown at each event, with over 600 individuals present for the 2000 meeting.  Those attending represent an array of interests, ranging from state and federal policy makers, to long term care providers, to insurance industry representatives.  Collectively, this group represents those individuals with the greatest expertise and interest in shaping public policy affecting long term care financing."

Representatives of the Center for LTC Financing plan to attend and exhibit at the event as we have done in past years.

As part of the conference, the Foundation has developed a scholarship program that might be of interest to you or someone you know.  The goal of the program is to offer financial assistance to individuals that otherwise might not be able to attend, but that could benefit from the information shared during the event.  

Scholarship recipients will receive complimentary conference registrations as well as reimbursement for air travel, hotel and meals not provided as part of the conference program. Applications must be received by April 13, 2001.  Recipients will be notified in writing by May 18, 2001.

You can view and print the scholarship application online at  Please direct all questions or requests for additional
information to Diane Fulton at 703.968.8863 or  Please do not contact the Center for LTC Financing as we have no further information to share.

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