LTC Bullet:  Online Donation to CLTCF Now Available


Thursday  March 29, 2001



In response to your many requests, LTC Bullets subscribers are now able to donate to the Center for LTC Financing online!  Simply click "Support the Center" on our website main menu or take this short-cut to make a tax-deductible donation with credit/debit cards or electronic checking account transfers through a secure server connection. The online form will also ask you a few questions that will help us target the Center's efforts in pursuit of our shared mission.

Did an LTC Bullet really strike a chord?  Drop the Center $10 or $20.  Are the Bullets worth at least $1 each?  Send $100 per year.  Did you learn something worthwhile from the reports on our website which are free for all in .pdf format?  Help us spread the word and keep them free by donating what you would have paid if you'd ordered a hard copy ($25-50 each).  Did you pull a stat or a phrase from one of the speeches on the website?  What's it worth to keep that resource
available?  Online giving makes it easy for you to vote for the Center's continuation . . . and we need every vote we can get!  On the other hand, if we've done or said something you don't like, let us know.  We try hard to respond in detail to every question or comment, good or bad.  We learn from your suggestions.

Kudos to Center supporters who requested online donation capability.  The tedium of check writing is gone.  Multi-year giving is easy.  And the tax receipt waiting game is over.  This efficient new system even produces a tax receipt at the time you make your electronic donation.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to consider the Center in your charitable giving plans. Together we can do great things for the future of long-term care in America.

P.S.  The link to our online donation form will now appear at the bottom of every LTC Bullet so you can make a contribution at the exact moment you're feeling charitable!


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