LTC Bullet:  Seniors Housing World Conference

Friday  February 23, 2001



The Center for Long-Term Care Financing's "LTC Triathlon" report called upon long-term care financiers, providers and insurers to learn more about each other's businesses and to forge stronger alliances for public policy advocacy.  (You can read and/or download the report in .pdf format online at the Center's website at

One of the best ways to begin that process is to attend each other's professional conferences. We'll tip you periodically when meetings are about to occur, which may be of interest.  Here's one the Center will cover for LTC Bullets.  (Center President Stephen Moses will also moderate the "Not-For-Profit" Capital Sourcing Roundtable for this event.)  You might want to consider attending.

The Fourth Annual Seniors Housing World Conference is scheduled for March 21, 2001 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square, New York City.  Sponsors of the event describe it as "a comprehensive networking conference focusing on investment, financing, development and operations challenges and opportunities in seniors housing."  For a more complete description of the meeting, which is sponsored by Commercial Property News, Multi-Housing News and the American Seniors Housing Association), go online to Registration information is also provided.

Now, why do we encourage LTC Bullets readers to attend a conference for seniors housing financiers?  As we described in the LTC Triathlon report, the long-term care service delivery industry has been stricken recently by many financial difficulties.  These challenges include nursing home and home health bankruptcies, slow assisted living fills, collapsed stock prices, and limited debt and equity capital, among others.

If our 119 Triathlon project interviewees (many of whom will be speaking at the Seniors Housing World Conference) are correct, then part of the cause for the industry's travail resides in the inadequacy of Medicaid and Medicare financing and the lack of a large and healthy private long-term care insurance market.

The more you understand the challenges long-term care financiers face and the more they understand your point of view, the closer we will come to breaking out of the unsatisfactory status quo and implementing a rational public policy for long-term care.

So, whether you read our LTC Bullets as a consumer, as a professional adviser, as a member of the media, as a state or federal legislator, as a long-term care provider, or as a private insurance representative, we hope you'll consider broadening your horizons of understanding.

If you can attend this conference, go.  If not, we'll try to give you the flavor of the event in a future Bullet. 


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