LTC Bullet:  Knowledge Digest


Thursday  April 12, 2001


Well folks, there’s one more place you can find the Center for Long-Term Care Financing’s highly-regarded report, “The LTC Triathlon:  Long-Term Care’s Race for Survival.”  It’s on Knowledge Digest’s long-term care page at:  Just click on "Long-Term Care" in the left margin for a link to the report and five recent LTC Bullets. You can also read Center President Steve Moses' article "Long-Term Care Due Diligence for Professional Financial Advisers" in the "Distribution" topic area.

What’s Knowledge Digest?  According to its creators, “Knowledge Digest is an online resource for hot topics and trends related to the life insurance and financial services industry.  It provides a central source for information by aggregating content from various providers on the internet, as well as providing original content.  Knowledge Digest serves industry professionals too busy to peruse the Web with a wide assortment of articles all in one place.”  Featured topic areas include long term care, health care, distribution, privacy, government, technology and the internet, risk management, and more. 

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The Center for LTC Financing would like to thank Knowledge Digest for posting a link to the Triathlon report and our other publications on its website.  For those of you who haven’t had an opportunity to review the Triathlon report, you can also read and/or download it online at the Center's website at