LTC Bullet:  'Tis the (Tax) Season to Support the Center

Friday December 21, 2001


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According to this monthís issue of Kiplingerís, "one of the easiest ways to increase your tax deductions is to open your heart and your wallet and contribute to your favorite charities." (Mary Beth Franklin, "Countdown to Savings," Kiplingerís, December 2001, pps. 85-87). We couldnít agree more! This year has been an unprecedented challenge for the Center for Long-Term Care Financing as weíve described in previous LTC Bullets. We would greatly appreciate your year-end donation to help us begin 2002 with renewed dedication, strength and support. If your company matches charitable gifts by employees, please take advantage and let us know. Itís a great way to quickly leverage your gift!

As a subscriber to LTC Bullets, you know the Center's mission is to ensure quality long-term care for all Americans. We want to save public financing of LTC for the needy by encouraging everyone else to plan, save, invest and insure fully against the long-term care risk. To pursue these goals, and to remain independent as we must, we need your financial support. Obviously, we can't expect the needy or the welfare program to finance our efforts on their behalf. Conversely, people and companies that benefit from our advocacy of private financing alternatives must support the Center for us to be able to carry on.

We need to request your support in two ways. First, your tax-deductible contribution--of any size--to the Center will help us continue publishing LTC Bullets and fighting for rational long-term care public policy. Second, your vocal support of the Center to current or potential corporate funders will strengthen our appeal to insurance carriers, long-term care providers and other organizations--who all benefit from sound public policy initiatives--by showing them you need and want what we do.

Please consider every dollar you donate to the Center a vote to encourage private long-term care financing, to save Medicaid for the truly needy, and to solve the long-term care crisis before the baby-boomer generation overwhelms the current system. Conversely, failure to support the Center at this critical time is a vote in favor of the status quo, i.e. Medicaid planners impoverishing vulnerable seniors, a collapsing institution-based, welfare-financed LTC service delivery system, and a very discouraging outlook for the future as the age wave crests and finally crashes.

So, vote well and vote often! Donít forget:  If your company has a donation-matching program, cast their vote too. You can donate online at, send a check to the Center, or even donate appreciated stock or mutual fund shares and avoid paying capital gains on the appreciation if youíve owed the shares for more than one year. We'll of course send you a receipt for your contribution.

Please support us for another year. We'll spare no effort to build on the Center's past successes and to pursue our mission with passion and belief, but also with reason, logic, careful research and hard evidence. We'll do our best to do you proud.