LTC Bullet: Support the Center

Thursday November 29, 2001


If you . . .

*Cringe when you witness the misuse of Medicaid dollars;

*Believe our message of personal responsibility for LTC planning is an important one;

*Appreciate being "in the know" on long-term care financing issues;

*Applaud our efforts to address the root causes of the long-term care financing crisis; and

*Trust that our combined efforts will help ensure quality long-term care for all Americans . . .

Then you should . . .

*Express your loyalty to the cause;

*Connect personally to our efforts;

*Exercise your spirit of resolution;

*Show your determination; and

*Unlock our full potential as educators, advocates and change agents . . .


Or would you rather just wait and see what happens?

Your choice.

These are difficult times for all charitable nonprofit organizations. The Center for Long-Term Care Financing is no exception. The recession, the growing number of other worthy charitable causes, and consolidation in the long-term care service delivery and financing industry--all these factors affect our ability to raise the revenue needed to operate.

The Center for LTC Financing must receive significant additional dollars for 2002 in order to continue operating at optimal capacity. Your contribution is critical for us to carry on the fight for rational LTC policy.

For our part, we've already begun to make sacrifices. The Center's staff will decline by 25 percent (1 position) at the end of the year. In January 2002, we are giving up our offices, becoming a "virtual" organization, and working from our homes linked by the internet and weekly face-to-face meetings. Further staff reductions will become necessary early in the new year unless contributions to the Center increase significantly. Our next step, which we dearly hope to avoid, will be to start charging noncontributers for "LTC Bullets," the information service that so many of our readers value so highly.

No matter what happens, we are committed to continue publishing the "LTC Bullets," to keep on building and improving the content of our website at, and to continue speaking and publishing in every possible venue toward achieving the Center's mission of ensuring access to quality long-term care for all Americans.

Find out more about why the Center for LTC Financing needs you on our team at and make a tax-deductible contribution now. An individual gift of $100 or more gives you access to our "donor-only" website zone for a full year. Organizations can access the "donor-only" zone according to guidelines available at You can also sponsor Center activities including LTC Bullets, speeches, training sessions, conference exhibits and more. You can even sponsor the Center’s website for an entire month! Contact Amy Marohn for all the details at 425-467-6840 x4 or Please send your donation to the Center at 11418 NE19th St., Bellevue, WA 98004 or make an on-line contribution at Thank you in advance for rallying to our cause!