LTC Bullet: New Must-Read Book on LTC Financing

Friday November 16, 2001


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The following press release describes "Who Will Pay for Long Term Care," a new anthology edited by Nelda McCall of Laguna Research.

Center for Long-Term Care Financing President Stephen Moses authored Chapter 10: "The Long-Term Care Partnership: Why it Failed and How to Fix It."

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To order the book, which contains chapters by many authors listed in the press release below, please contact the ACHE/Health Administration Press Order Fulfillment Center at (301) 362-6905 ($49, plus shipping).

Press Release:

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Who Will Pay for Long Term Care?

Insights from the Partnerships Programs

Edited by Nelda McCall

Chicago, August 30, 2001 -- In the next 30 years, there will be as many as double the number -- a quarter of the entire population -- of elderly citizens living in this country. Assuming the cost of healthcare continues to rise, paying for long term care will become a burden to a majority of the elderly, potentially impoverishing them. As the baby boomer generation ages, the U.S. must address the looming problem of how to finance long term care.

Editor Nelda McCall explores the world of long term care financing, focusing on an ambitious effort to encourage partnership between public and private sectors. Her new book, Who Will Pay for Long Term Care? Insights from the Partnership Programs, details the Partnership for Long Term Care, a project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Partnership finds funding for long term care by coordinating efforts between private insurance companies and the Medicaid program. Four states --Connecticut, California, Indiana, and New York -- have actually incorporated this project into their public policy, and after approximately seven years, the Partnership is still at work in each state.

The book offers insights on topics such as: the politics of healthcare financing; the workings of the insurance market; the process of state health financing reform; the role of philanthropy in encouraging innovation in the healthcare field; and the important role of actuarial analysis in designing insurance systems. It looks at the early failures and successes of the four states that implemented Partnership policies and speculates on alternative visions of future long term care financing.

This book presents many insights about the potential of partnerships between government and industry from such well-respected experts as James Cantwell, budget analyst for the Committee on the Budget of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Judith Feder, dean of Policy Studies and director of the Georgetown University Public Policy Institute. With participation from both the public and private side, this book represents the first viable step in determining how to finance long term healthcare.

About the author: Nelda McCall is director of the National Program Evaluation of the Partnership for Long Term Care sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She has been involved in health services research activities for more than 30 years as a research associate at the Palo Alto Medical Research Foundation and Control Analysis Corporation, as director of health policy research at SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute), and as president of Laguna Research Associates.

Other contributors include: Gregory Belardi, Ph.D., Bonnie Burns, James Cantwell, Marc Cohen, Judith Feder, Stephen Goss, David Guttchen, Mary Ann Hack, James Knickman, Harriet Komisar, Jodi Korb, Kevin Mahoney, Ph.D., Hunter McKay, Mark Meiners, Jeffrey Merrill, Stephen Moses, Marlene Niefeld, Thomas Orr, Elizabeth Peppe, Dail Phillips, Sandra Pierce-Miller, Phyllis Shelton, Stephen Somers, Barbara Stucki, Gordon Trapnell, Pamela Turner, and Joshua Wiener.

To order a copy of Who Will Pay For Long Term Care: Insights from the Partnership Programs (Softbound, 333 pp, August 2001, ISBN 1-56793-153-7, Order code 1123, $49, plus shipping) please contact the ACHE/Health Administration Press Order Fulfillment Center at (301) 362-6905. To request an examination copy for course adoption, or a complimentary review copy, contact Jennifer King at (312) 424-9472. To find out more about Health Administration Press publications, visit our web page at