LTC Bullet: New Partnership to Promote LTC Education

Thursday November 8, 2001


The Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification (CLTCC, Boston) announced today that it has partnered with the Center for Long-Term Care Financing (CLTCF, Seattle) to compile and edit its highly regarded "LTC E-Alerts" online newsletter.

LTC E-Alerts are brief, topical email messages with news and analysis on issues of interest to long-term care financial advisers. CLTCC provides this information service free of charge to graduates of its "Certified in Long-Term Care" (CLTC) insurance certification program and to paid subscribers.

Before his untimely death recently, George Sherman, Ph.D., a well-known and highly respected industry analyst, edited the LTC E-Alerts. Both the CLTCC, Boston ( and CLTCF ( websites have posted tributes to Dr. Sherman.

Harley Gordon, President of the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification said "We are proud to partner with the Center for Long-Term Care Financing to continue bringing this important publication to our graduates and others in the long-term care profession."

Stephen Moses, President of the Center for Long-Term Care Financing stated "We believe this opportunity to continue a good friend's important work is a godsend to everyone who values education and high standards in the field of long-term care."

Gordon and Moses both explained that their compact to continue publication of "LTC E-Alerts" does not constitute an endorsement by either of the other's organization. Rather, it is a mutually beneficial arrangement to provide a valuable service to the long-term care community.

The CLTC designation is the industry's first professional program focused solely on the sale of long-term care insurance. It is marketed nationally by the College for Financial Planning and supported by major carriers.

The Center for Long-Term Care Financing is a 501(c)(3) charitable, nonprofit think tank and public policy advocacy group dedicated to ensuring quality long-term care for all Americans.