LTC Bullet: LTC Loses a Scrapper

Friday September 28, 2001


My best friend died yesterday. Dr. George Sherman was long-term care's best friend too. Most subscribers to these "LTC Bullets" have been touched by George in one way or another. Maybe you received "LTC News and Comment," the outstanding newsletter he edited for over ten years. Perhaps you got his frequent online "E-Alerts" with bite-sized nuggets of data and analysis about the field of long-term care. If you've attended some of the same conferences with George, you know the piquant sense of anticipation when he'd rise to the microphone to offer an unusual, often penetrating, sometimes off-the-wall question or comment. If you're lucky, you knew him personally, a unique and gifted man who fought many years for sensible long-term care policy.

If you have a personal or professional story or anecdote about George Sherman that you would care to contribute, just send it as a reply to this email. We'll compile your comments and post a representative sample of them sometime soon.

Steve Moses,


Center for