LTC Bullet: Center Debuts Donor-Only Zone on Website

Wednesday August 15, 2001


The Center for LTC Financing is pleased to announce a new "donor-only" zone on the Center’s website at

This new password-protected area is available to donors who have made personal contributions of at least $100 to the Center in the last 12 months and to organizational donors who have made minimum contributions as outlined below during this same period:

1 to 10 employees: $1,000

10 to 50 employees: $2,500

50 to 100 employees: $5,000

100+ employees: $10,000

Only one user name and password will be issued to each qualifying organization which can then decide how to share this information internally. Our "Spearhead Committee" members would be the appropriate persons to seek a user name and password for their respective organizations. Employees of organizational donors may access the "donor-only" zone with their own individual password and user name with a personal contribution of at least $25.

Going forward, a donation within the most recent 12-month period will continue to determine access to this portion of our website. Not yet a supporter? It’s easy. You can donate online via a secure server connection at or send your tax-deductible contribution to the Center for LTC Financing at 11418 NE 19th St., Bellevue, WA 98004.

The "donor-only" zone’s inaugural feature is an up-to-date list of state tax incentives for the purchase of long-term care insurance. Although the Center does not endorse specific legislation, we recognize the importance of sharing information about important legislative action helpful to our supporters. Thanks to Dr. George Sherman, editor of "LTC News & Comment" (online at, for developing and maintaining this useful list. Soon, we plan to add several valuable resources to our "donor-only" zone including a targeted weekly update called "LTC Week in Review" and "The Data Base," a developing repository of critical data and analysis on long-term care service delivery and financing issues. Stay tuned!

Access to the "donor-only" zone on the Center’s website requires a user name and password. Current qualifying donors: send an e-mail to with your name, organization affiliation (if applicable), and your desired user name and password. Please limit your user name and password to no more that 10 characters each. We will reply with a confirmation as soon as possible. New qualifying donors: please allow two weeks for us to receive and process your donation before requesting your user name and password.

Thank you so much to our current donors for their generous support. We hope our ongoing efforts to provide valuable information and analysis entice more of you to support our cause: quality long-term care for all Americans!