LTC Bullet:  How Are We Doing?  We Need Your Feedback!

Thursday   August 9, 2001


The Center for LTC Financing is beginning our 2002 annual fundraising campaign and we need your help.  This has been a year of growing impact for the Center and we're committed to sustaining our momentum.

The organizations and individuals on which the Center depends for financial support are eager to know what you think of our efforts. Your comments may even help us attract new support!

If you have found value in the Center's services, such as:

--our free online newsletter "LTC Bullets" (nearly 300 published to-date),

--our web page at (hundreds of thousands of hits),

--our media and publishing efforts (we've touched more than 250,000,000 million readers, viewers, and listeners), or

--our public policy initiatives to encourage private financing of long-term care and discourage excessive Medicaid dependency, then . . .

NOW would be a very good time to let us know.

Also, any suggestions you may have for new directions or projects you'd like to see us undertake would be especially appreciated.  We're very interested in your ideas for new web site content, for example.

Just hit "reply" and send us your comments.  Please include your name, title and professional affiliation so we don't have to bother you with a follow-up contact.

The questions below may help to trigger your thoughts.


*Do you find "LTC Bullets" interesting or helpful?

*Do you forward “LTC Bullets” to your own mailing list?  (If so, how may people are on your list?)

*How does the Center for LTC Financing make your job easier?

*How important is the Center's contribution to the LTC public policy debate?


Thank you in advance for taking time to help us.

For those of you who have already volunteered your encouragement and good wishes, thank you.  You make it all worthwhile!