LTC Bullet: Center Unveils LTC Academy

Thursday July 12, 2001


The Center for Long-Term Care Financing proudly announces "LTC Academy"— our most ambitious initiative yet to bring the Center’s powerful message across the country and to your hometown with a series of unique programs targeted to your needs and those of other critical LTC stakeholders.

*Seven opportunities to partner with the Center to promote a greater role for private long-term care financing in order to save our scarce public resources for the truly needy*

*Seven ways you can help the Center raise much-needed support to continue the fight for a rational and financially viable long-term care system*

*Seven chances to demonstrate your own commitment to ensuring quality long-term care for all Americans*

Go to for all the details.

Following a prototype series of "LTC Academy" programs, a corporate sponsor had this to say about her company’s experience:

"Stephen Moses, President of the Center for LTC Financing, presented on a series of topics at our meetings and seminars in May, 2001. His experience, passion, dedication and powerful message kept everyone in the audiences (consumers, insurance brokers, and retirement community representatives) mesmerized and, most importantly, feeling renewed in their mission to reach consumers with the common sense message Stephen Moses delivers."

Now is the time to get involved and make a difference! For more information, go to to learn how you and the Center for LTC Financing can work together. For additional details on "LTC Academy" courses or information on other opportunities to partner with the Center, contact Amy Marohn, the Center’s Director of Development and Marketing, at or 425-467-6840 x4.